Citrix Receiver for Android

By Steve McFarlane

Citrix develops some awesome remote connection clients that allow its users to turn virtually any laptop, Windows machine, MAC, thin client, smart phone or Tablet into a powerful business tool. But what of Citrix Receivers for Android Devices, how do they fair in comparison to other Citrix receivers?

The Citrix Android Client is tooted as a solution that can be used to “check your email, review documents, tune into project dashboards, and approve expenses from your Android smartphone, tablet, or other device using Android OS.” And like other Citrix receivers this app was designed to:

  • Access your applications and Windows desktop that are at your office or home while you are elsewhere
  • Keep your information stored on your provider’s secure servers, not on your device
  • Move from desktop to tablet to smartphone without loosing access to data and applications that are essential to the performance of your duties.

While the app does deliver, when it works, update related issues have been known to frustrate even the most loyal Citrix fans. All things considered the connection problems you may have when trying to use “Citrix for Android” are understandable considering that the Android platform is relatively new and ever evolving, but this app appears to need some refining.

Citrix Receiver is available for iOS, Mac, Windows, Android and BlackBerry devices.

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