Blackberry Is Working on a BBM App for Android Devices

By Steve McFarlane

What! RIM is working on a BBM app for Androids. This is a classic case of “if you can’t beat them then join them” that is being played. According to sources at BGR, Blackberry will provide a stripped-down version of the BBM experience for Android Tablets and phones — at a later date it will do the same for iOS users.

The BBM for Androids solution will allow Android users to communicate with anyone using Blackberry’s messaging service, but will not allow them to share photos, location info or videos. To get the full Blackberry messaging experience, users will still need a Blackberry device.

It’s about time though. With the meteorite rise in popularity of the Android platform and Apple’s ability to consistently bring high-quality products to market, nothing but a small foothold seems to be left for the other smart phone platforms.

How RIM will make money from their Android BBM and BBM for iOS apps is a wait and see issue, but we suspect that they are hoping to charge a usage fee, or at least a onetime fee to get the application. At least it will ensure that Blackberry remains relevant in the ever-evolving mobile market.

We can’t wait to see how this cross platform messaging solution works out.

Source: BGR

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