Android WiFi VOIP App Review – Sipdroid VOIP

By Steve McFarlane

Who wouldn’t want a free or at least cheaper alternative to the relative expensive cellular voice plans? VOIP cell phone applications provide such an option by enabling devices to route voice calls onto data network using 3G, 4G and even WiFi data connections where available. While the Android WiFi VOIP app, known as Google Voice, is becoming an ever increasingly popular VOIP solution among many Android users, there are alternatives – a good one is Sipdroid VOIP.

Not only is SipDroid one of the most popular SIP/VOIP applications for the Andriod platform, it is one of the best performing solution as well.  The app is designed to work seamlessly with other SIP providers such as, Voipstunt, Voipbuster and even Google Voice. Actually, pairing Sipdroid with the aforementioned SIP providers make for a completely free Android WiFi VOIP solution.

SipDroid can also do video calling. Of course the solution works best if the mobile device has a front-facing camera. If it doesn’t have a front-facing camera, you can still use the one on the back to show the other party what the phone’s camera is seeing. The quality isn’t the best though, owing to the low frame rate (below 20 fps), but it works.

Sipdroid VOIP also manages Google Voice SIP trunks and integrates well with any Skype or Google Voice contacts that exist on your phone. While SipDroid + video calling is free to install and use, you many need to pay for some calls, depending on the SIP service you pair the app to.

Android WiFi VOIP App Review - Sipdroid VOIPSipdroid VoIP + video calling

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