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Android Gallery Lock Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 25th, 2012

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but some can distort the image others have of us, or tell a story about us we don’t want others know.

While our smart phones make it easy for us to record what we have been up to and save images of things we like while browsing the Internet, these pictures can be deeply personal and private.

If you have a private collection of photos on your phone that you rather not expose to someone who may gain access to your phone, you should install a good gallery lock app. Two of the best Android gallery lock apps are: “Hide Pictures in Vaulty” and “Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)”.

Hide Pictures in Vaulty

If have kids, a noisy spouse or you just like protecting your privacy, you can keep your pictures & videos safe and private with Vaulty.

You can select one of multiple files from your gallery to move them to the media vault where they will be hidden.  If you want even more privacy you can upgrade to the premium version, which has more security features and disguises Vaulty as a fully functioning stock reporting app.

Once you enter the correct password Vaulty will allow you to see the vault’s contents and manage it. Other features include the ability to share pictures videos, and slideshows.


Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)

This is another video and picture vault app for your Android. Like other privacy apps for Android the app protects your media with a password, and also has media management capability, which you will surely need if you have quite a bit of files to work with.

A Romantic Android Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 14th, 2012

Create a romantic evening for two with a beautiful Android wallpaper — in true 3D style right on your Android.

This live wallpaper allows you to create a beautiful 3D Live wallpaper, that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Create a beautiful candle light dinner scene from some of the most romantic cities such as a Paris and Barcelona or even a place an image in a frame of that special someone in the background.

Useful When

You can use this wallpaper as part of your Valentine’s Day plans or set the mood wherever you are if you can’t take her somewhere special. Place a picture of someone special in a frame, or as the background image. Celebrate with a chilled bottle of champagne and two sparkling glasses at your choice of locations – Paris, Barcelona, and more. Place a gift with your customized message on the table – a rose and rose petals complete the atmosphere for your candlelit dinner.

Setting the Mood

You can customize the scene to your liking with a romantic scene, a bottle of Champagne, a flaming candle and special message on the table. In fact you can customize the entire scene to your liking with your own photograph in the picture frame or background, a custom message for the title, and a custom text for the gift card.

You can have floating hearts drift through the background, or turn off the hearts altogether. You can also choose from a preset theme or completely customized the scene to suit the tastes of yourself of your valentine.

This Valentine’s Day Live Wallpaper is a 3-D wallpapers that features silky-smooth animations while conserving your battery life. It works on phones, tablets, and any device that supports live wallpapers.

Many of us are guilty of not showing how much we love our significant other except on Valentines days.  If you don’t have access to the person’s phone you can customize your own with this Valentine’s day wallpaper and invite her to do something on your phone such as play a game or read a message.  She will be completely surprised by the romantic scene that you spent time creating in honor of your love for her.

This app is great for setting the mood or saving the day if you had forgotten to get something. QR Code

Android Parental Control Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 26th, 2011

From managing what your kids eat to who they hangout with and what they access online, the task of parenting in today’s society is a challenging job, to say the least. You have the choice allowing technology to give you more stuff to police, as it relates to your child’s welfare, or you can use technology to your advantage.

What follows are some parental control solutions for Android phones and tablets to help you better manage what your son or daughter use their mobile phone for – we will be primarily looking at Android specific parenting control software, but many of these recommendations will work for other mobile platforms as well.

Restrict Children to Kid Friendly Applications

What do you do when you have a small child with you while you wait in a long line? Do you give them your cell phone for entertainment? You could, if you had a way to ensure that they couldn’t access an application that is inappropriate for them, or mess up data you have stored in an app you use for business.

With the right app you can block access to certain apps or better yet, only give access to educational software.  Here are some Android parental control apps you can use:

Recommended apps

  • Smart APPLock – Can block access to a list of installed applications. This can be used to protect your privacy especially in situations where you need to lend your phone to a friend. You can also use it to keep children from accessing applications that they should not be using or seeing.
  • Kid Mode: Play + Learn – Ideal for kids up to age 8. The app locks the child in by disabling the home button and engages them in fun and educational games, videos and art studio activities.

Know Where they are

Keep a bird’s eye view on where your children or family member are located by viewing a map-based identifier of where their cell phone is located.

Recommended apps

Life360 Security Center – Shows a map of where your family members are and will alert you if they are in close proximity to a registered sex offender. The check-in feature a favorite among kids and adults alike. Instead of the parent calling to find out if their daughter has reached a planned location the parent can request a check in and with the tap of a button she can confirm her location.

What is the Phone being for?

If you find it necessary to monitor how your child is using their cell phone there are solutions that can allow you to see what messages are being sent; who they are talking with; and what videos and photos they are using the phone to capture and send.

Recommended apps

Phone Control – Allows you to retrieve a list of installed applications, forward incoming and outgoing SMS to an email address you control, see who is calling the phone and get the GPS location of the phone.

Mobistealth – Once Mobistealth is installed on the phone it can be used to remotely retrieve an email log, website browsing history, copy of text/SMS and email messages, as well as a save a copy of videos and photos that were taken with the phone.  The software stores all these on a website from where the Mobistealth account holder can access the information without having physical access to the phone being tracked.

Who are they Talking with

A record of who your child is talking with can be just as revealing as the videos and pictures they have saved on their phone.

Recommended app

Mobistealth – Amazingly this software can record phone conversation and store it to the website from which the account holder can listen to the conversation whenever they wish. If you just want to see their contacts and call details logs, the app can do that as well.

One of Mobistealth’s best features is that it does its thing without the subject ever knowing that they are being monitored.

Final Word

Parents everywhere are challenged to protect and effectively parent their children. While technology has, in some cases, caused more problems, parents have an opportunity to use this same technology to stay one step ahead of their children, instead of it being the other way around.

We hope you found this resource useful and feel you have been given some tools to help you raise a positive contributor to society.

Revolutionary Fun-based Android Learning App for Kids aged 2 to 8 years

Posted By Sandeep Khomne on September 13th, 2011

CrediPoint solutions, a leading Web Based Training solution company has recently developed an Educational App called ‘KIDS Opedia’ for Kids aged 2 to 8. Currently the Android version is available for download in Google Android Market and Amazon App Store.

KIDS Opedia is an engaging & comprehensive app developed for children to entertain, educate, and help them learn. As the name suggests it is a complete encyclopedia for kids.

It is designed such that it engages and entertains Kids using various multimedia elements such as sound, text, images, animations, and quiz and puzzle.

This Android kids app provides a holistic learning experience using the best practices applied in educational games including the L-A-R-A (Learn – Assess – Report – Analyse) Model.


The full version of KIDS Opedia contains over 25 common categories with more than 15 items per category and a total of more than 500 items for the kids to get acquainted with, including:

Alphabet,  numbers,  animals, colors, shapes, vegetables, fruits, transport, time, nature, flowers, body parts, time, buildings, emotions, family, sports, occupation, clothing etc.

The graphics used in these categories are illustrated and colourful to attract kid’s attention and get them interested. Each item has a picture, word, sounds, and the first alphabet. You can enable multiple categories and random feature to mix up the elements to provide rich learning experience.


The tests used in this app are stress free and do not overload the children. They are presented in a fun and game format. The right / wrong answers and feedback animations encourage the kids to do better and think before they respond. The test comes in different types and levels. Additionally you can configure the test by selecting single or multiple categories and random items feature to increase / decrease the complexity and levels depending on your kid’s age and how they progress. As a result this application can be used by Preschool, to Kindergarten, to School aged kids.

The quiz comes in different types and levels,

  • Sound-Picture Match
  • Sound-Word Match
  • Sound-Picture/Word Match
  • Picture-Word Match
  • Word-Picture Match
  • Picture-Alphabets Match


The reports present a detailed summary such as words, correct / incorrect response, score in points, average time spent on each item, total score etc. The reports are stored and segregated by Date / Time format for future reference.


The analyse feature is the most helpful and unique feature of Kids opedia. It helps the parents/ guardians to analyse the kids progress across multiple tests and over a period of time. This feature is also helpful in identifying a child’s strong and weak areas and thus provides focused and prescriptive training.

Some of the additional features that you can expect to see in the very near future in the next version includes more categories and up to 1000 items, as well as  advanced quiz such as:

  • Pick the Odd Item Out
  • Label the Items
  • Trace the Picture / Word
  • Spell the Word
  • Record the word
  • Identify and Record
  • Tablet versions of this app
  • Online reports
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The Best Android NIV Bibles

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 24th, 2011

Most bible apps have support for multiple versions not least among which is the KJV and Messages. But if your preference is the NIV, here is a roundup of some of the best New International Version bible apps for Android phones and tablets.

LiveBible – Free

This is an easy to use bible reader that supports both offline and online reading. To ensure that you have offline access to the bibles you will need to store them to the SD card. Features we like the best include red lettering for the words of Jesus, Audio bibles and the ability to follow a RSS feed from your favorite website (i.e. your local church).

At the time this review was written red lettering was only supported in the following versions: New American Standard Bible, New International Version, New International Version 1984, English Standard Version, New Living Translation.  However, the app supports a large list of bible translations including:

  • French (BDS-IBS,LSG,NBS,PDV)
  • Spanish (LBLA,NVI,RVA,RVR1960,RVR199).

Other supported bible languages include: Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Creole, Russian,Ukrainian, Hungarian, Albanian and Netherlands. QR code

Tecarta NIV Bible

Want to compare translations to get a better understanding of what a particular verse or chapter is saying? This is an easy to use Android bible app that will help you do so. You can use the parallel version view to compare, a KJV text with the NIV version of the same text. If you just want to lie in bed and have the bible read to you the Tecarta NIV Bible has audio bible support for the King James, NLT and NASB bibles.

Some of the features we think you will like include the ability to add a note to a verse, which is quite useful for doing a bible study. You can then organize your notes in folders for future reference, i.e. a folder for  “What day is the Sabbath” or “State of the Dead.”  You can also attach a margin note to a particular verse and accessing it later by pressing and holding the note icon beside the verse.  Here is what you get if you purchase this app:

  • An offline Bible for use when there is no Internet
  • Full-text search to quickly find words and study topics
  • Easily and quickly Copy and paste multiple verses
  • Predictive text entry for quick navigation
  • Night mode for low light reading
  • Highlighting to emphasize verses or passages
  • Ability to add margin notes
  • Passage bookmarking for future reference
  • Powerful folder system for organizing notes and bookmarks
  • Reading history
  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • Easily change font sizes
  • Easily share verses and notes with friends and family via email, Facebook, text messages, etc.
  • Split-screen capability allow users to view multiple translations and study notes at the same time
  • More affordable translations, study notes and reference tools are being added regularly
  • A talking Bible that reads to you using Text-to-Speech.

We wished that this app was free like salvation, but you will have to pay $5.99 to have it. This is not a bad price since it is one of the best Android NIV bible apps there is. QR code

Versed (Bible verse game) – Free

The word is more effective when it is written on the heart — “ Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee,” says the scriptures. Versed is a bible game with over 180 verses for you to memorize. Our favorite of the 4 game play modes is the fill-in-the-blanks option that asks you to complete a verse using some given words.

The app supports the following translations:

  • NIV (New International Version)
  • ESV (English Standard Version)
  • NASB (New American Standard Bible)
  • KJV (King James Version)
  • NLT (New Living Translation)

QR code

Review: DW Contact Manager for Android

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 8th, 2011

Once you have the app installed you will be able to manage a single or multiple contacts, groups, organizations with the ability to create, edit, copy, change and delete contacts.  The app supports local, Gmail and Exchange accounts, so you can copy contacts from Gmail to an Exchange account, or visa versa.

Managing Android Contacts

DW Contact not only allows for the management of groups but how you interact with contacts as well. For instance, you can use the batch mode to send SMS, MMS, emails to one or multiple contacts, groups, organizations and titles.

Users can search all their contacts using attributes such as name, phone number, organization, notes, address, email, relationships, websites, birthday, and sort them by name or nickname to allow for easier searching. With these powerful features it’s incredible easy to send a happy birthday wish to a friend, or an email to a group of co-workers who are working on a special project with you.

Other notable features include:

  • The ability to set ring tones for single and multiple contacts, groups, organizations and titles
  • The option to create home-screen shortcuts for contacts, groups, organizations, titles)
  • Manage and receive event notifications relating to your contacts, i.e. birthdays and anniversaries
  • Support for lunar calendar format
  • Call filter (blocking calls on free definable date- and time range)
  • Send SMS, email
  • Extended incoming call view (show organization, group, notes)
    fully integrated phone (dialer)
  • Display call history on dialer
  • Share (text, vcard, call log)

Without a doubt this is one of the best Android contact managers for replacing the stock contact manager. If you go with the free version you will have the following limitations though:

  • Advertiser messages/ads
  • Multi-select limited to 5 items per action
  • Background service for contact-events-notification (reminder for birthday)

An Android Children Reading App for Kids 3 to 7

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 2nd, 2011

Kids Learn to Read FREE was developed for kids ages 3-7. The app has the same functionality as the paid version (Kids Learn to Read) but is supported by ads. To ensure that kids don’t see ads, offers are handled differently than usual using the following strategies:

  • Ads only appear when the app is launched. The developer’s reason that it is the parent that normally open the app
  • Only banner ads are shown, because they aren’t click by accident as often
  • When you sign up for offers, you will not be taken outside the app.


Your children will need to have a knowledge of letter names and their sounds in order to used this app effectively. The app assumes that your kids already know the sounds that letters of the alphabet make. If the child does not know the letter names and sounds the app may not be fun and may indeed frustrate them. The developer recommends that you have your child use its Android children’s app called, ‘Kids ABC Phonics’, if your child needs to be brought up to speed.

What Will Your Child Learn?

’Kids Learn to Read’ is a delightful Android game for children that invites your child to practice blending sounds to form, read and spell words that are made up of only three letters, such as “dog”,”sun”, and “big”.

What activities are included in this game?

The game has four wonderful child-friendly sections.

  • Learn to Blend with Tommy Turtle – In this delightful learning activity, your child hand Tommy his walking stick, sneakers, and then a skateboard and watch him cross the letter bridge while they learn to blend letter sounds into words.
  • Learn to Read with Tommy’s Friends – In this section kids will have fun practicing elementary reading as they are asked to fit Tommy’s animal friends with skateboards and helmets.
  • Learn to Form Words with Letter Cubes – In this inviting activity, kids get to make words in a way that’s fun by turning real-looking blocks with letters on each side until the three-letter word is spelled out.

Download/QR code

Start a Party with this Karaoke App

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 1st, 2011

Shazam is one of those cool apps that you can use to impress you friends with your seemingly super power ability to recognize virtually any tune, or song. Use Shazam to recognize what song is playing by simply having the app listen to a part of the song and it will reveal to you the artist, the album and even the lyrics of the song.

Shazam adds LyricPlay

It seems only natural that Shazam be given a karaoke feature that will enable users to choose songs and sing along to the lyrics. The new feature is called “Shazam LyricPlay” and it is available on Shazam Encore. LyricPlay syncs the song you’re listening to and displays its lyrics as it plays. The feature is currently available on Shazam Encore and (Shazam) Red apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. It works with 25,000 plus songs and growing.

The Android crowd patiently awaits being served. Until then, we will have to stick with the likes of Android Karaoke.

Software to Track Your Spouse’s Android Cell Phone

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 23rd, 2011

While you can monitor your partner’s or spouse’s whereabouts using a vehicle tracking solution, it may not work if he or she takes alternate transportation or you need more precisely tracking to see where he or she goes after leaving the vehicle.

Using a good cell phone tracker is essential if you want to secretly retrieve the call logs, pictures and videos that were taken with the phone and see the places that the person is visiting.

If your spouse really doesn’t mind you knowing where they are, you can always use a free solution such as “Family GPS Tracker by Life360,” “GPS Tracker” or “Google Latitude.”

On the other hand, if you want a solution that will ensure that they don’t know you are tracking them, you may need to install a more serious GPS tracker on your spouse’s phone to confirm your suspicions, or gather the evidence you need to build a case that is strong enough to stand in a court of law.  One such phone tracker is Mobistealth.

When you visit Mobistealth’s website you will be shown a list of features and options suited to those who want:

  • Parental control software
  • To catch a cheating spouse
  • Employee monitoring
  • To protect a phone in case it is lost or stolen

You will then need to select what type of device you want to track.  Mobistealth can track Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows phones — it can also spy on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We like the fact that Mobistealth does make ridiculous claims about being able to track all sorts of phones but instead ensures that the user can only sign up for service if Mobistealth can work on the phone they had selected.

Our only annoyance with the signup process is the fact that you have to navigate through a gallery pictures to find the right phone, we would like to see a text search feature to quickly find the right phone or tablet.

In any case this shouldn’t be a big issue for most users since you can first filter the list by platform (iPhone, Android etc). Once you find the right phone you will be shown a list of packages (Lite, Pro and Pro X) that are compatible with that phone.


After MobiStealth is setup you can login to the Dashboard where you will see information regarding where the phone and its owner has been, who the owner has been been calling, what pictures has the phone been used to take, who has been emailed and texted from the phone along with what was said in each message. 

Of a truth, it is quite amazing what cell phone trackers such as Mobistealth can do.  Some of the features that we found to be most impressive include the following:

  • Email, call and SMS history – Stores copies of emails, call logs and SMS that were sent and received from the phone.
  • Recent location – MobiStealth can be set to automatically retrieve the GPS coordinates of places that were recently visited.  To get live tracking you will need to signup for the PRO and PRO-X versions as the Lite version doesn’t offer real-time GPS tracking. You will also need to signup for one of the PRO versions if you want to track a phone that doesn’t have GPS.
  • Secretly Record Phone Calls (PRO-X only) – With this feature you can have MobiStealth record incoming and outgoing calls to specific numbers and even perform reverse phone number look-ups to see who the call are made to or received from.  This feature alone makes MobiStealth a much better buy that many other Android spouse spy software because it doesn’t require that you are there to listen in on calls as they are happening.
  • Retrieve Pictures and Videos – A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words and in fact may be all you need to make your case against someone, especially if the person has the habit of taking lots of pictures and videos.  This feature allows MobiStealth customers/clients to remotely retrieve pictures and videos that were taken with the targeted phone.
  • Recordings of the Phone’s Surroundings – This spy feature can turn on the phone’s microphone in order to secretly record conversations that are within earshot.
  • Bookmarks, chat Sessions and Calendar events – A detailed record of bookmarks, chat sessions and calendar events can be just as incriminating as photos and text messages. You can use this Android spy app to review of chat sessions, calendar events and even contacts that were created.
  • Internet Browsing – If you are concerned that the phone in question is being used by your spouse to view  inappropriate content, MobiStealth can help you get all the evidence you need to confirm your suspicions or confront your partner.


MobiStealth comes in a Lite, PRO and PRO-X versions with pricing starting as low as $49.99 for the entry level version and goes up to $199 for a full year’s tracking with all the bells and whistles.  By and large MobiStealth works very well and in some cases over-delivers.

Consumers will also be happy to know that there is a hassle free refund policy that can be drawn if they aren’t happy with the service.  However, refunds must be requested within 3 days after purchasing.

There are free Android spouse tracker apps on the Market that can track a spouse’s, child’s or employee’s cell phone. However,  if you want to record their conversations without them knowing it, or review their calls and browsing history, among other things, you will need to spend some money to get a topnotch solution such as MobiStealth.

Which package you choose will depend on how much time you will need to gather the information you want and the type of evidence you need.

Best Android RSS Reader Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 18th, 2011

Being able to follow your favorite, blogs, websites and news services is a great way to stay in-touch with what’s going on without the need to visit individual sites. We have assembled a list of some of the best RSS readers for Androids that will enable you to access all your favorite web-based content from your Android phones and Tablets.

World Newspaper

Whether we believe it or not, we live in a relatively small world, what’s happening in another country may very well have implications for you and your loved ones as well, if not physically, financial or emotionally. World Newspapers syndicates the news and happenings from more than 105 countries as told from the perspective of over than 6,000 newspapers and magazines. (more…)

Android App Roundup: Best Educational Apps for Kids

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 12th, 2011

There are several Android apps on the market for kids that are both educational and entertaining. Several of these apps are tailored to reach certain age groups and to impart specific concepts. The following is a round-up of five of the most highly rated Android educational apps for kids. (more…)

Android Math Games for Kids and Adults Alike

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 9th, 2011

Mathematics and fun aren’t usually a combination that kids will talk about in a general conversation. However, with the advent of some very engaging and entertaining math based apps, the conversation for kids may very well change to include the term ‘fun maths apps’.

The main thing with these math-based games is that they are educational yet fun. Who wouldn’t love to have their kids playing something that will help them with their time tables, fractions or with other mathematics related concepts that often seem dull and boring? The following Android math apps are highly rated and are great math apps for your kids to spend hours having fun and learning with. While this roundup only covers the paid versions of these math game apps, there are free versions of each app available. (more…)

Best Android Apps for Kids: ABC Games

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 6th, 2011

There are so many kid friendly Android apps on the market that are both educational and fun. These games are an answer for parents who are concerned about what their kids are playing and if it will enhance learning while they play. The following games can be classified as both educational and fun.

Kids Connect The Dots

This game is another fun and kid friendly game that will keep your preschooler happy and occupied while they learn. The objective of the game is to teach children to recognize and pronounce the letters of the alphabet. There are over 100 connect the dots images for children to complete and see their object come to life. The images vary and the game play is simple. There is an option to switch between draw-mode and tap mode in the preferences section. This option is easily found and very easy to manipulate. In draw mode kids can draw from one dot to the next. It is a great way for kids to learn counting and the alphabet. It was suggested that this is also a great way for older kids, who are slow learners, to get the very basic concepts especially if they need remedial work. The cost for this app is $0.99. (more…)

The Best Offline Android Bible Study Tools

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 24th, 2011

We have compiled a list of the best Android Bible study apps that is ideal for Pastors, Bible students and casual bible readers. They represent the best free and paid bible study apps for Android Tablets and phones.  The review list consists of only the most popular and highly rated Android bible study tools that we could find. (more…)

WhatsApp Messenger for Android – Review and Download Link

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 23rd, 2011

Text messaging and emails have become a popular way of communicating with family and friends, not only because it is convenient to do so, but also because it is a quick and reliable method of communicating.

For that reason, service plans and applications that allow its users to send an unlimited number of text messages generally do better than others. In fact, it can be argued that it is the one feature that has made Blackberries popular.

Enter WhatsApp Messenger for Android. With this messaging app you can check ‘what’s happening’ with you family and friends without racking up a huge bill at your cell phone service provider. (more…)

Is Your Cell Phone Bugged?

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 21st, 2011

From secretly monitoring a person’s calls, to being able to download all the pictures and video they record with the phone, the capabilities of cell phone spy software is remarkable and frightening. But what do you do if one suspects that they are being spied on.

Though the providers of cell phone tapping software often insist that they do what they can to encourage their customers to use their spy software legally, and in a socially responsible manner, there is little they can do to prevent their solutions from being used in corporate espionage, and for the purpose of stalking people. In fact, once Spyware is installed onto a phone, all the text messages, pictures taken, videos shot, calendar entries, incoming and outgoing calls, and GPS coordinates can be tracked without the cell phone owner knowing it. (more…)

The Ultimate Android Spy App

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 21st, 2011

Communicating via cell phones, whether by text, voice calls or emails, has become the primary way to quickly communicate with others, so it is no wonder that cell phone tapping/bugging has become such an effective way of gathering information and evidence regarding a target and their phone.

Mobistealth PRO-X is one of the most advanced Android spy app that is available today. MobiStealth has an impressive list of features and makes claims that no other commercial cell phone spy vendor has. By no means is this the complete list of MobiStealth PRO-X features, but it will give you some idea of what this and other Android cell phone spy software can do. The features include: (more…)

The Best Android Facebook App

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 19th, 2011

Choosing the best Facebook application can be challenging if you simply do a search on the Market and attempt to make a choice from the long list that is presented there, especially since there are some many to choose from. We did some research, weeded out the poorly executed FB applications and came up with, what we considered to be, the Best Facebook app for Android phones.


Free GPS Apps – Android Cell Phone Tracking Solutions

Posted By Steve McFarlane on December 29th, 2010

If you have a GPS-enabled device there is a lot you can do with it. For one, you can keep an eye on your children, or track a cheating spouse, or help your family maintain peace-of-mind by allowing them to see where you are at all times.

In fact, you can also use your phone’s GPS and mapping software to improve your social life, by using GPS Applications to rendezvous with friends who are near by.

For some people it is scary to thing to know that they can be tracked at all times, and rightly so, but there are lots of legitimate uses for cell phone tracking solutions, not least among which is ensuring that your family members are safe.

Here are some of the best Android cell phone tracking apps.

Family GPS Tracker by Life360

This app uses award-winning Facebook and Google technology to track family members in real-time. The Family GPS Tracker by Life360app can also monitor sex offenders who live close by. Family GPS Tracker does more than just trace people though, in that family members can check-in to let you know that they are safe. In fact, this app was awarded a first place prize in an Android developer challenge.

Family GPS tracker works especially well as a child locator. When you want to ensure that your child is safe simply sign in to the mapping software to see where he/she is; see what threats are in the area; and configure the app to send alerts when family members are in trouble.

GPS Tracker – Android Asset and Vehicle Tracking

This is a free GPS cell phone tracking software for Android smart phones. GPS Tracker was developed by InstaMapper LLC and is perhaps the best free Android phone locator app out there. Like most real-time tracking solutions, this app uses Google Maps, but you need to signup for a free account at InstaMapper to access the service.

Once you setup your account and install the software on your phone, you can track anything that is carrying the device, provided that it has a clear view of the sky in order that the GPS receiver can acquire a satellite signal).  Because it uses Google Maps you can also display tracking information on a website, application, or device that supports Google Maps.

Google Latitude – Family and Child Tracking

Google Latitude enables users to share their location with other Google Latitude users, but ensures that no one can see your location if you don’t share it with them. Perhaps you are not willing to share your exact location.

If that’s your preference you can turn on the city level view instead; this will let others know what city you are in but no further information as to your where-about will be shared.

Is there a Google Latitude Android app? Not really, you access and use the service by visiting (using phone, tablet or computer) to send an invitation to a friend or family member.  Once they accept the invitation you can start tracking them, but it is the user who determines how much information is given.

Final Words

Maybe you want to trace someone’s journey as they make their way home in bad weather, or it could be that you want to track a vehicle. In which case you would simply leave the phone hidden in the vehicle just in case the vehicle is stolen or is taken for a joy ride (vehicle tracking with no monthly fee, yeah).

If you are looking for a solution that can covertly track someone’s cell phone, without them knowing it, you may need to get the much acclaimed MobiStealth PRO-X cell phone tracking app.

Otherwise the above-mentioned Android phone trackers can serve you well if the cell phone owner doesn’t mind you tracking their phone. If you know of any other great but free mobile tracking apps, please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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