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Android Gallery Lock Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 25th, 2012

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but some can distort the image others have of us, or tell a story about us we don’t want others know.

While our smart phones make it easy for us to record what we have been up to and save images of things we like while browsing the Internet, these pictures can be deeply personal and private.

If you have a private collection of photos on your phone that you rather not expose to someone who may gain access to your phone, you should install a good gallery lock app. Two of the best Android gallery lock apps are: “Hide Pictures in Vaulty” and “Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)”.

Hide Pictures in Vaulty

If have kids, a noisy spouse or you just like protecting your privacy, you can keep your pictures & videos safe and private with Vaulty.

You can select one of multiple files from your gallery to move them to the media vault where they will be hidden.  If you want even more privacy you can upgrade to the premium version, which has more security features and disguises Vaulty as a fully functioning stock reporting app.

Once you enter the correct password Vaulty will allow you to see the vault’s contents and manage it. Other features include the ability to share pictures videos, and slideshows.


Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)

This is another video and picture vault app for your Android. Like other privacy apps for Android the app protects your media with a password, and also has media management capability, which you will surely need if you have quite a bit of files to work with.

Android App Locks

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 22nd, 2012

Sure you can use PINs and Patterns to secure your Android, but for times when you allow others to browse your phone but you don’t want them to see what apps are installed, you will want an Android Application lock to manage what installed applications are visible.

An Android App lock not only hides installed applications but some of the best also allow you to create a secret vault for your photos, videos and documents as well. Two of the best-rated Android app protectors are “Hide It Pro” and “Smart Lock”.

Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro hide makes your apps, pictures, videos and audio files vanish as if they aren’t installed on your Android. While it will be easy enough for you to find your content when you need it, someone who is casually browsing your phone will not know they are there; and if you setup the app correctly they won’t even know that an app vault is installed either.

When you are ready to use your applications or file all you need is the right password and knowledge of how to access the app lock. Hide It Pro disguises itself as a fully functioning audio manager app. However, when you long press the Audio Manager’s title the actual app will launch.

Other Features:

  • Built in military standard 256-bit AES encryption
  • Organize media into folders
  • Can unhide entire folders at once, or individual files
  • Optimization for low-end phones
  • Disappears from recent apps list
  • Escape pin/password for times when you get caught


Smart Lock Free (App/Media)

If you are not only concerned about others seeing your pictures and videos but want to reserve the use of installed apps for just yourself, you should give Smart Lock a try.

In essence, Smart Lock hides installed apps, pictures and other media files behind a password. Once Smart Lock is installed and setup, your media or applications can’t be discovered or viewed in the normal way, certainly not without the password.

If you decide to use this app, we counsel you to try and not forget to unhide any asset you had previously hid before you uninstall the app. If you fail to do so, you may lose your files for good. In any case you can try to recover the files by reinstalling Smart Lock, clicking “Setting” then clicking “Recovering locked media”.

Other Features of Smart Lock:

  • App Locking
  • Can lock an individual picture, media, file or entire gallery
  • USB storage Locking
  • Selectable lock types (PINs/Pattern)
  • Fake mode shows fake error massage on lock screen
  • Quick start (Executing Smart Lock by calling to dial #000)
  • Manage pictures by folders
  • Hide service icon in Notification area
  • Schedule when an app should be locked
  • Show or hide the app’s icon in Home Launcher and the installed Apps list
  • Backup/Recovery


Android Video, Photo, Gallery and App Locks

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 22nd, 2012

Whether others may or may not find the videos, pictures and apps you have on your Android questionable, sometimes you just want to keep things private or ensure that your stuff is not available for all to see if you Android phone or tablet gets into the wrong hands.

Android privacy apps aren’t only great at hiding your media from those you never want to use your phone, but these apps are also great in situations where you want to allow your child to play around on your phone without risking them stumbling across content that is not appropriate for them, or risk having them messing around with important apps, media and documents you have stored on the device.

Here are some apps that will lock your pictures and videos in a vault and also hide the installed apps you want to keep secret.

Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro password protects and hide the pictures, videos, audio files and even applications that you don’t want anyone to see.  The apps disguises itself as a full functional audio manager app which can be used to turn the volume up and down, but when you long press on the Audio Manager’s title the actual ‘Hide It Pro’ app will launch.

You can hide Images/Videos/Audio Recordings etc. from the Phone’s stock gallery by selecting all the files you want to hide and selecting ‘Share’. Applications can be hidden from within ‘Hide it Pro’ as well.


  • Hide It Pros disguises itself behind a fully functional Audio Manager
  • Segregates videos, pictures and audio within the dashboard
  • Categorize media into folders of your choice
  • Unhide entire folders, or select multiple files to unhide each
  • Thumbnails for pictures and videos on all devices
  • Optimization for low-end phones. (uncheck the low memory mod from settings to get crisper pictures back)
  • Disappears from recent apps list
  • Escape pin/password for times when you get caught
  • Built in military standard 256-bit AES encryption


Hide Pictures in Vaulty

Keep your pictures & videos safe and private with Vaulty. If you have pictures and videos on your phone that you don’t want others to see, you can hide them from prying eyes with Vaulty. Once Vaulty is at work, hidden pictures can’t be viewed, even by file managers.

If you want even more privacy, upgrade to Vaulty Stocks, which disguises your picture and videos as a fake stocks app. Other features include the ability to share pictures videos, and slideshows.


Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)

This is another video and picture vault app for your Android. Like other Android gallery lock apps this privacy app protects your media with a password, and also has media management capability, which you will surely need if you have quite a bit of files to work with.


Smart Lock Free (App/Media)

If you are not only concerned about others seeing your pictures and videos but want to reserve the use of installed apps for yourself only then you should give Smart Lock a try.

Smart Lock essentially hides installed apps, pictures and other media files behind a password. Once the app is installed no one will be able to see locked apps, pictures, and video and documents unless they have the password.

The only reservations we have about this app is the risk of loosing your file if you forget to unlock your files before you delete the app. If you forget to unlock your files before deleting the app you will loose your files. However, you can try recovering files by reinstalling Smart Lock, click ‘Setting’ then ‘Recovering locked media’.


  • App Locking
  • Can lock an individual picture, media, file or entire gallery
  • Locking USB storage
  • Select lock type (PINs/Pattern)
  • Change button size/image
  • Fake mode shows fake error massage on lock screen. (Move to lock screen when pressing error message longer.)
  • Quick start (Executing Smart Lock by calling to dial #000)
  • Manage pictures by folders
  • Hide service icon in Notification area
  • Schedule when an app should be locked
  • Show/hide Smart Lock icon in installed App list, Home Launcher
  • Backup/Recovery


Simple Solutions for Protecting Children Using Android Phone Spy Applications

Posted By Natalia David on March 28th, 2012

Android phone spy applications may seem like a bridge too far when it comes to keeping children safe. But with so many threats able to reach and possibly influence your children via their smart phone, spy apps are often a parents’ only recourse for providing protection and oversight when they aren’t around.
While earlier android phone spy applications were rather limited in capability, today’s applications can provide 24/7 monitoring on just about any smart phone. For parents, there are three primary advantages to installing Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone spy apps on their children’s cell phone, including:

Android Phone Spy Apps Reveals Your Child’s Circle-of-Friends

It is not uncommon for children to try and hide some friends and contacts from their parents which is exactly why you should consider installing Android, Blackberry or iPhone Spy Apps on their cell phone, depending on the platform they use.
This is particularly important for children who are impressionable and greatly influenced by friends in their social network. But once you install Android phone spy technology on a child’s phone, you will be able to see Contact Details and all the details of their inner circle of friends and contacts. For greatest results, make sure you install spy Application with these core features:

  • Call Log
  • Contact Log
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up

Use Phone Spy Apps to Uncover Your Children’s Secret Activities

Just knowing who your children are talking with isn’t enough to truly keep them safe, and that’s why you need Android or iPhone Spy Apps to monitor their communications and web browsing. No, we aren’t just talking about monitoring phone calls, we are talking about iPhone and Android phone tracking software that can monitor everything, including:

  • Every text message sent or received on smart phone
  • All pictures and videos created or viewed with smart phone
  • Entire web browsing history
  • All emails sent and received
  • Complete recordings of all phone calls

Not all cell phone spy apps will be able to monitor all communications and web browsing history so be sure to check for these critical surveillance tools before buying: Call Recording; Text, IM, Email, Picture, and Video Log; Internet Browsing History.

Secretly Track Cell Phone Movement

The good news for parents is that children take their cell phones with them everywhere, so it should be easy for them to keep tabs on them using iPhone spy apps and similar monitoring tools.

Unfortunately, although most Android phone spy applications include Location Tracking, these systems tend to fail when someone enters a building or covered space. Therefore, be sure to only use hi-tech cell phone monitoring tools that can track location even when the subject enters a building or covered area.

Remote Wipe Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 28th, 2011

The remote wipe feature exists to give mobile phone owners, companies and system administrators a way to wipe data from a device that contains important/sensitive information that should never get in the hands of others.

There aren’t many persons who know that every Android device contains a Master Clean command. The code is a simply security feature that was designed for corporations and entities that can implement the feature on their Microsoft Exchange servers and similar systems.

Fortunately consumers can still have access to this feature by installing an Android security app that has the remote wipe service.  Here are some of the best Android remote wipe apps.


While other Android security app developers offer separate solutions for data backup, anti-virus protection and remote data wipe, Lookout provides an all-in-one solution for free. The solution allows you to see a map-based view of your phone’s current location and manage other features from the company’s web-based interface.

If the phone is lost you can opt to remotely delete all your contacts, photos, videos, emails and text messages using the web interface. You can then restore what you had deleted to a new phone, from the backups you had saved to

QR code

Norton Mobile Security (Beta)

This is also a feature rich mobile security app that can be used to remotely lock, wipe or locate a phone, if it is misplaced, lost or stolen. The app also provides Norton-grade anti-malware protection, as well as call and SMS screening of unwanted callers.

QR code

PhoneLocator Pro

This app has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, some of which include the ability to:

  • Get notifications about phone numbers that a thief is calling or receiving calls from as well as the phone’s location when the calls were made
  • Receive a notification if the SIM card is changed
  • Find your nearby phone by making it ring at maximum volume, even if it is left in silent or vibrate mode

The app also has some other advance features that are only available on devices running Android 2.2 and above. These features include the ability to:

  • Remotely lock and/or wipe the phone
  • Lock the device if an unregistered SIM is detected
  • Lock the device when the display goes to sleep

QR code

 Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a comprehensive security solution for popular smart phone platforms such as Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Androids. Not only does the app provides real-time protection against viruses, but it also has other powerful security features as well. Some of which include:

  • Lost or Stolen Phone Locator – sending a special SMS to the missing device, will cause it to respond by sending you a Google Maps link that pinpoints its exact location.
  • Make the phone unusable – You can also remotely block anyone from using the device and accessing its contents. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 also gives you the option to remotely wipe that data.
    If you had planned ahead, you can also set a message that will be displayed when the phone is blocked; this should help anyone who finds the device to locate the rightful owner, if they are so inclined.
  • Privacy Protection – This feature secures your contacts and content from unauthorized access. Use this feature to hide your contacts and call logs just in case the phone gets in the wrong hands.
  • Call and SMS Filtering – Block unwanted calls and messages from certain numbers.

QR code

Never Forget your Phone Again with Halo Loss Prevention

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 11th, 2011

Smart phones are pretty expensive, so losing one can be a big deal. While there are solutions to help you find the phone if it is lost, most solutions wont work unless you had installed tracking software before the phone went missing. On the other hand, Halo was designed to help you avoid losing the phone in the first place by raising an alert whenever you or the phone is moving apart.

How it Works

Phone Halo is a free app and a Bluetooth keychain dongle combo. Both devices connect to each other via Bluetooth; when both devices move apart from each other the phone and/or the dongle will alert you. In a way it works like the Bringrr Classic, which ensures that you don’t leave a restaurant, taxi or train without your cell phone or other valuable.

In essence you can purchase multiple tags and use them on any item you don’t want to leave. For example, if you keep a tag on your key chain you will get notified should you try to leave the house without your phone. You can also use the tags on bags and other personal effects. The app is free but the Halo tag is a separate purchase.

Nit Picking

Most customers of this service report that it works pretty well, but some report that they still get alerts even though both devices are relative close to each other. The app itself is well designed, but the tag could use a more sturdy construction. In any case the solution works pretty well.

See Phone Halo in action below:

If You Have Already Lost the Phone

Even if you don’t have a cell phone tracker installed all hope is not lost. If you have already lost or misplaced your phone and don’t have another phone to ring it, try PhoneMyPhone. You can use the service to ring your phone; assuming that it is within earshot, you should be able to hear it ring and easily locate it.

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A Superb Android Caller ID App – Caller ID Plus

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 28th, 2011

Caller ID Plus

This is not a run-of-the-mill Android caller ID app. Not only can Caller ID Plus show information on callers who are in your address book, but it can also pull information from the yellow pages and white pages to give you information on unknown callers as well.

Caller ID plus automatically identifies incoming callers and displays the name, address and city of the caller as the phone rings. If you want, you can also use Caller ID to search for additional information about the caller on Facebook, Google, Bing and Linkedin. The app doesn’t need to be launched explicitly but you will receive a popup notification when the phone rings.  The application also helps you quickly find people, services or businesses by direct search in the phonebook using name and city.

Feature Highlights:

  • Identify and give information on even unknown callers
  • Find people, services or businesses by directly searching the white pages and yellow pages phonebook by name or number and city
  • Manual reverse number and caller lookup
  • Add new contacts to your address book with just one click
  • Search for additional caller info on Facebook, Google, Bing and Linkedin
  • Map of the caller’s location
  • Supports delayed reverse lookup of calls in case your phone was not online when you received the call
  • Extended Caller-ID phone log
  • Share contacts on Facebook, twitter, email and SMS
  • Save your favorite callers


3G/4G or WiFi is required to get caller information on unknown callers. Due to limitations in CDMA network you must have a WiFi connection enabled in order to get real-time caller-id notifications. In any case, if there is no Internet/data service when the call was received it is possible to get additional information on the caller at a later date by using the application’s advanced call log.

Caller ID Plus works in the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Finland, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark. Caller ID Plus costs $5.70 and can be download with this QR Code



Top 3 Android File Encryption Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 23rd, 2011

Data encryption is one of the first lines of defense that data and information owners have against unauthorized data access and theft – if you store sensitive data on your Android smartphone or SD card ensure that you have good encryption software installed.  Here are some great apps for protecting sensitive and personal files you store on your mobile.

Dual File Manager XT

This is a solution you can use to easily manage your files and folders, including those on the SD card. The app supports legacy 2.0 and AES (128, 192 and 256 bit) encryption (both pack and unpack) for Zip files such as WinZIP and WinRAR. The app has a fast browser and professional looking interface. Other features include the ability to:

  • Cut, copy, move, paste, delete multiple items using the integrated explorer
  • Unhide (or hide) hidden media on the phone smartphone or SD Card
  • Encrypt, password protect, compress, uncompress or extract Zip, Gzip and TAR files

QR code

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer for Android is a free, feature-rich all-in-one file and application manager; task killer; Dropbox client and ftp client. With more than 10 million users and a near perfect rating, the app is one of the best Android apps for encrypting files. In addition to the above mentioned, the app can also:

  • Compress and Decompress ZIP files, Unpack RAR files
  • Create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files
  • View different photos, docs and videos file formats
  • Supports third party applications such as Document To Go (to open document files)
  • Text viewers and editors
  • Supports thumbnails for APK, images, and has an inbuilt image browser
  • Access your Home PC, via Wi-Fi with SMB
  • Use the FTP client to manage files on FTP servers as well as those on the SD card
  • An enhanced Dropbox client
  • Bluetooth file transfer tool
  • Advance task killer
  • Root explorer feature; the ultimate file manager for rooted Androids.

QR code

AndroXplorer File Manager

This is another file manager that supports encryption for a wide number of archiving formats. While this is a good and wildly popular app, it is not our favorite Android encryption app because you will have to purchase the pro version to get encryption support. Still, it is a good way to manage installed applications and even share files over WiFi.

QR code

Password Management Apps For Android

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 18th, 2011

You will need to have a good password manager or similar security app if you store sensitive information on your phone or tablet or frequently use them fill out forms online. This is a roundup of password manager that are great at protecting sensitive information such as web logins and passwords, credit card numbers and social security numbers. Some will even automatically fill-out online forms for you with the press of a button and consolidate your passwords so you don’t have to re-enter the same info every time.

RoboForm (free)

RoboForm is a password manager and form filler for Androids. Once you setup your ‘RoboForm Everywhere’ account you can automatically login to your favorite sites using your stored login information. We didn’t find a way to add a new password from the app, so we figure that you will always have to do so from your desktop. In a way, this takes away from the whole focus on convenience that the app should have, but it is a solid Android password manager nonetheless. QR code

mSecure – Password Manager ($4.99)

This app is ideal for storing sensitive and important information such as web logins credit card numbers, frequent flyer and social security numbers on your Android. mSecure stores your important and sensitive information safely and securely using the ultra-secure and industry-proven 256bit Blowfish data encryption technology.

In essence, any sensitive info that is stored in the app will be protected with strong encryption. In fact, you can set the app to delete all sensitive information if a set number of failed logins occur; you will be glad you set this option if the device is lost or stolen. The app has pre-defined templates for Web Logins, Credit Cards, and Email Accounts to get you started on using mSecure.


  • Landscape support
  • Password hint feature helps you remember your own password
  • Premium users have features such as collapsible section headers and the option to view records by type or description
  • Customizable templates with unlimited fields
  • Integrated search for quick record look-up
  • Uses strong 256bit Blowfish encryption
  • Self-destruct mode can be set to delete your data after a set number of failed attempts
  • Has a password generator/password suggestion feature

QR code

LastPass Password Mgr Premium

Filling out large forms on a mobile device can be time consuming and tedious. LastPass helps you to be more efficient when filling out forms and login credentials by automatically completing those fields for the user; in that sense it is more than a password manager. The app will also securely sync passwords across all you browsers and devices if you want. QR code

ES Security Manager

In addition to being able to password protect you address book and text messages, you can use this app to password protect individual apps as well.  If your phone is lost ES Security manager can be use to get its location as well as recover any contact, or information that is on the SIM card. QR code

There are other good Android password managers that didn’t make this list for one or more reasons.  Here are a few that are worth mentioning: Password Safe, SafeWallet, Password Manager Free, Passdroid and Universal Password Manager.

Send Secure SMS with Your Android

Posted By Steve McFarlane on June 14th, 2011

Most persons who send a text SMS are more interested in the convenience of getting the message to the other party quickly instead of how secure sending that message will is.  But where the content of the SMS message is of a sensitive, private or even top-secret nature ensuring that only those who are authorized to see it will see it is of utmost importance. Short of installing a corporate grade messaging service such as a Lotus Notes Android solution, there are options for the security conscious consumer.

Secure SMS

This is a client-side encrypt/decrypt Secure SMS application that allow users to securely send SMS communication by encrypting message content prior to sending to another party. The sender has peace-of-mind in know that only the recipient, who has the correct decryption key, will be able to decrypt the encrypted SMS and read it.
Some of the more notable features of the Secure SMS include:

  • Enables peer-to-peer secure message communication with AES-128 encryption and decryption
  • The app removes messages from Android’s default inbox to enhance privacy control
  • The Secure SMS can be set to use a separate key for an each contact or use a default key for all contacts
  • There is also an option to set a password (PIN) to access or view messages, as well as set a PIN to access the option menu and keys management page.
  • Notification when a secure message is received via a status bar notification and one click to view and access the same.

Install/QR Code

Review of Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 for Androids

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 27th, 2011

Our mobile phones offer us a convenient way to conduct business, interact with friends and command a host of entertainment and productivity applications to make life fun and productive. Unfortunately the technology that is pack into smart phones also makes it easier for our privacy and data to be compromised.

There are quite a few mobile phone security apps that one can use to protect a Android mobile device, but in this article we will highlight one robust solution that can help you recover your phone from theft, protect it from malware and protect you and your loved ones from inappropriate content.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a comprehensive security solution that works on Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android cell phones and tablets. Kaspersky Mobile protects the device by blocking dangerous network connections, preventing virus breaches with scheduled scans and on-demand scans.

Not only does the app provide real-time protection against viruses, by consistently scanning for viruses and other threats, but has other powerful security features as well. Some of these features include:

  • Lost or Stolen Phone Locator – The app may be powerless to prevent someone from taking your phone, or stop you from loosing it, but just in case you are so unfortunate, you can use Mobile Security 9 to locate the phone using GPS. You start the phone recovery process by sending a special SMS to the missing device, which will then cause the device to respond by sending you a Google Maps link that pinpoints its exact location.You can also remotely block anyone from using the device and accessing its contents. If the data that is store on it is of a very sensitive nature, Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 gives you the option to remotely wipe that data so no one can see or use it. If you plan ahead, you can also set a message that will be displayed when the phone is blocked; this should help anyone who finds the device to locate the rightful owner, if they are so inclined.
  • Privacy Protection – This feature secures your contacts and content from unauthorized access. You may not have a list of high profile celebrities on your phone but that doesn’t take away from the fact that most of us care much about protecting our privacy. Use the app to hide your contacts and call logs just in case the phone gets in the hands of someone you don’t want to know who you are calling or messaging.
  • Call and SMS Filtering – Block unwanted calls and Messages from certain persons by creating a black list of numbers you don’t want to take calls from, and a white list of numbers you want to allow to reach you. You can also use the app, as a parental control tool. Use the app to prevent a wayward son or daughter from running up a huge bill, or restrict them from messaging certain of their friends as punishment for some other deviant action.

Should You Get it?

An achilles heel of many security applications is how easy it is to uninstall them once they get into the wrong hands. To close this loophole we recommend that you set the appropriate passwords on your phone.  If you don’t do so a knowledgeable crook can simply uninstall the app before swapping SIM cards and start using the phone as their own.

Once you have properly setup up Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 you will have protected your Android with one of the best Android security apps on the Market.

Software to Track Your Spouse’s Android Cell Phone

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 23rd, 2011

While you can monitor your partner’s or spouse’s whereabouts using a vehicle tracking solution, it may not work if he or she takes alternate transportation or you need more precisely tracking to see where he or she goes after leaving the vehicle.

Using a good cell phone tracker is essential if you want to secretly retrieve the call logs, pictures and videos that were taken with the phone and see the places that the person is visiting.

If your spouse really doesn’t mind you knowing where they are, you can always use a free solution such as “Family GPS Tracker by Life360,” “GPS Tracker” or “Google Latitude.”

On the other hand, if you want a solution that will ensure that they don’t know you are tracking them, you may need to install a more serious GPS tracker on your spouse’s phone to confirm your suspicions, or gather the evidence you need to build a case that is strong enough to stand in a court of law.  One such phone tracker is Mobistealth.

When you visit Mobistealth’s website you will be shown a list of features and options suited to those who want:

  • Parental control software
  • To catch a cheating spouse
  • Employee monitoring
  • To protect a phone in case it is lost or stolen

You will then need to select what type of device you want to track.  Mobistealth can track Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows phones — it can also spy on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We like the fact that Mobistealth does make ridiculous claims about being able to track all sorts of phones but instead ensures that the user can only sign up for service if Mobistealth can work on the phone they had selected.

Our only annoyance with the signup process is the fact that you have to navigate through a gallery pictures to find the right phone, we would like to see a text search feature to quickly find the right phone or tablet.

In any case this shouldn’t be a big issue for most users since you can first filter the list by platform (iPhone, Android etc). Once you find the right phone you will be shown a list of packages (Lite, Pro and Pro X) that are compatible with that phone.


After MobiStealth is setup you can login to the Dashboard where you will see information regarding where the phone and its owner has been, who the owner has been been calling, what pictures has the phone been used to take, who has been emailed and texted from the phone along with what was said in each message. 

Of a truth, it is quite amazing what cell phone trackers such as Mobistealth can do.  Some of the features that we found to be most impressive include the following:

  • Email, call and SMS history – Stores copies of emails, call logs and SMS that were sent and received from the phone.
  • Recent location – MobiStealth can be set to automatically retrieve the GPS coordinates of places that were recently visited.  To get live tracking you will need to signup for the PRO and PRO-X versions as the Lite version doesn’t offer real-time GPS tracking. You will also need to signup for one of the PRO versions if you want to track a phone that doesn’t have GPS.
  • Secretly Record Phone Calls (PRO-X only) – With this feature you can have MobiStealth record incoming and outgoing calls to specific numbers and even perform reverse phone number look-ups to see who the call are made to or received from.  This feature alone makes MobiStealth a much better buy that many other Android spouse spy software because it doesn’t require that you are there to listen in on calls as they are happening.
  • Retrieve Pictures and Videos – A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words and in fact may be all you need to make your case against someone, especially if the person has the habit of taking lots of pictures and videos.  This feature allows MobiStealth customers/clients to remotely retrieve pictures and videos that were taken with the targeted phone.
  • Recordings of the Phone’s Surroundings – This spy feature can turn on the phone’s microphone in order to secretly record conversations that are within earshot.
  • Bookmarks, chat Sessions and Calendar events – A detailed record of bookmarks, chat sessions and calendar events can be just as incriminating as photos and text messages. You can use this Android spy app to review of chat sessions, calendar events and even contacts that were created.
  • Internet Browsing – If you are concerned that the phone in question is being used by your spouse to view  inappropriate content, MobiStealth can help you get all the evidence you need to confirm your suspicions or confront your partner.


MobiStealth comes in a Lite, PRO and PRO-X versions with pricing starting as low as $49.99 for the entry level version and goes up to $199 for a full year’s tracking with all the bells and whistles.  By and large MobiStealth works very well and in some cases over-delivers.

Consumers will also be happy to know that there is a hassle free refund policy that can be drawn if they aren’t happy with the service.  However, refunds must be requested within 3 days after purchasing.

There are free Android spouse tracker apps on the Market that can track a spouse’s, child’s or employee’s cell phone. However,  if you want to record their conversations without them knowing it, or review their calls and browsing history, among other things, you will need to spend some money to get a topnotch solution such as MobiStealth.

Which package you choose will depend on how much time you will need to gather the information you want and the type of evidence you need.

Why you Need Security Software for Your Android Tablet & Phone

Posted By Steve McFarlane on March 2nd, 2011

It is indeed interesting how everyone will ensure that his or her computer has the latest anti-virus software installed and running, but is nonchalant about the security of a smart phone.

Perhaps it’s the 90’s and 80’s mindset that has us still thinking that cell phones are dumb single purpose devices, that causes us to not care about the security of our mobile devices.

A wake up call to just how vulnerable cell phones are was recently raised when Google had to remove about 21 malicious apps from the market that were found to be nabbing user’s data. The apps were allegedly stolen and re-purposed to carryout all sorts of questionable stuff on the devices that they had been installed on. (more…)

The Best Android Security Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 22nd, 2011

While the multi-tasking capabilities of Android give them the ability to do many wonderful and amazing things, unfortunately, these enhanced capabilities make them more susceptible to malware, viruses and other security threats. If you own an Android smartphone you really should install security software to protect your personal data, Internet surfing, and any financial transaction you use the phone to complete.

Here is a list of some of the best Android security apps. We have included an overview of the best antivirus, password protection and Android anti Spy applications you can find.  The criteria for selecting apps for this list are that they must: have high user ratings, be effective at blocking malware and other Android security issues and must be reasonably priced, if they aren’t free security software. (more…)

Is Your Cell Phone Bugged?

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 21st, 2011

From secretly monitoring a person’s calls, to being able to download all the pictures and video they record with the phone, the capabilities of cell phone spy software is remarkable and frightening. But what do you do if one suspects that they are being spied on.

Though the providers of cell phone tapping software often insist that they do what they can to encourage their customers to use their spy software legally, and in a socially responsible manner, there is little they can do to prevent their solutions from being used in corporate espionage, and for the purpose of stalking people. In fact, once Spyware is installed onto a phone, all the text messages, pictures taken, videos shot, calendar entries, incoming and outgoing calls, and GPS coordinates can be tracked without the cell phone owner knowing it. (more…)

The Ultimate Android Spy App

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 21st, 2011

Communicating via cell phones, whether by text, voice calls or emails, has become the primary way to quickly communicate with others, so it is no wonder that cell phone tapping/bugging has become such an effective way of gathering information and evidence regarding a target and their phone.

Mobistealth PRO-X is one of the most advanced Android spy app that is available today. MobiStealth has an impressive list of features and makes claims that no other commercial cell phone spy vendor has. By no means is this the complete list of MobiStealth PRO-X features, but it will give you some idea of what this and other Android cell phone spy software can do. The features include: (more…)

Smartphone Insurance for Your Android

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 18th, 2011

The average price of a smartphone these days is well over $350, with many costing north of $500.  This means that a smartphone purchase is a significant expenditure for quite a few consumers. One way to lower the cost of replacing a lost, stolen or damaged phone is to take out mobile phone insurance.

Cell phone insurance coverage is also referred to as extended cell phone warranties; examples of these plans are offered by Verizon, AT&T and T mobile. The plans usually provide some form of compensation if the phone is damaged or destroyed because of a drop, spill, mechanical malfunction or electrical failure. There are also third party insurers who will compensate you if your phone is destroyed or stolen. The premiums for smartphone insurance can be pretty high though, with some even calling the high prices criminal. (more…)