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Android Gallery Lock Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 25th, 2012

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but some can distort the image others have of us, or tell a story about us we don’t want others know.

While our smart phones make it easy for us to record what we have been up to and save images of things we like while browsing the Internet, these pictures can be deeply personal and private.

If you have a private collection of photos on your phone that you rather not expose to someone who may gain access to your phone, you should install a good gallery lock app. Two of the best Android gallery lock apps are: “Hide Pictures in Vaulty” and “Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)”.

Hide Pictures in Vaulty

If have kids, a noisy spouse or you just like protecting your privacy, you can keep your pictures & videos safe and private with Vaulty.

You can select one of multiple files from your gallery to move them to the media vault where they will be hidden.  If you want even more privacy you can upgrade to the premium version, which has more security features and disguises Vaulty as a fully functioning stock reporting app.

Once you enter the correct password Vaulty will allow you to see the vault’s contents and manage it. Other features include the ability to share pictures videos, and slideshows.


Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)

This is another video and picture vault app for your Android. Like other privacy apps for Android the app protects your media with a password, and also has media management capability, which you will surely need if you have quite a bit of files to work with.

Android Apps for Lovers of Photography

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 16th, 2012

Android is considered to be not only the best-selling, but also among the top two best smart phone platforms, so lovers of photography are sure to find great Android photography apps for taking superb photographs. Android photography apps should be more than just apps for taking photos; they should do what traditional point and shoot cameras can’t and in fact elicit wonder as to ‘how did I ever do without this’.

Taking photos with one’s phone is becoming more and more popular. This is clear because there is an endless supply of mobile apps to both capture and enhance pictures.

There are a few Android photo apps that are standouts and are definite must-haves for those who love using their mobile phones to take photos. Some examples of key Android photography apps include PicsArt, BeFunky, and Photo Grid.

PicArt is considered to be one of the best photo editors, especially since it offers a wide array of features which include the ability to take photos, apply drawings, magic and photo effects (i.e, flames, stickers, text effects), as well as photo filters such as HDR, Lomo, comic and red eye remover.

BeFunky is another photo app that allows users to take any photo and turn it into something more fun. Make your pictures memorable by using BeFunky to crop, adjust the brightness, hue and saturation of the photos you take. You can also add frames such as rounded corners, postage, filmstrips and winter effect.

Photo Grid is another excellent Android photo app that makes it possible to create amazing photo collages; so you can create an interesting composition from the very best shots from your last trip into a single but awesome piece. 

The Android photo apps mentioned above are just a few of the many Android photo applications that are available for photography lovers, you can explore the Photography section of our AppStore to find more apps like these — it lists only those with the highest user ratings.

Android Apps for Professional Photographers

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 26th, 2011

This is a roundup of Androids photography apps for professionals. While professionals are unlikely to use their phones as their primary camera, they can still use their phones as a training tool, a photo editor and a tool to add special photo effects.

Photography Trainer

This is a must have app for photographers, especially those who want to improve and or are just learning the art. Whether you want to do night, sports, landscapes, portraits or architecture photography, this app guides you with step-by-step instructions on how to setup a camera to take perfect photos. The application helps photographers to truly understand shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings.

The learning progress is further enhanced with the inclusion of dozens of sample photos along with tutorials and tips to help you setup the camera to achieve the same results as the sample photos.  In our opinion $1.99 is a small price to pay for photography training. It is not the same as going to digital photography school, but it does an awesome job for only $1.99.

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Photography Calculator

This is an Android photography app for advance photographers. This app can calculate the depth of field (DoF) details and the hyperfocal distance for the given parameters, has a 1,500 plus camera database, can measure focal length, aperture, and subject distance. It’s also has a field of view (FoV) calculator that can calculate the photo count to compose a panoramic photograph.

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Sundroid Sunrise Sunset Pro

Sundroid calculates sunrise, sunset, twilight, length of day, golden hours, moonrise & moonset times for any corner of the globe you can find yourself. While this app is great for hunters, Sabbath keepers and astronomers, it also makes a good resource for photographers as well, especially those who do sunset and sunrise weddings. In that it can help you plan how to handle the unique lighting conditions that are present at sunset and sunrise.

Features include:

  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Solar noon
  • Civil, nautical and astronomical twilight times
  • Golden hours
  • Length of daylight
  • Notifications for all events
  • Azimuths of rise and set
  • Moonrise and moonset times plus moon phase
  • Monthly calendar views showing difference for each day
  • Daily summaries
  • Four home screen widgets

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Get HDR on Your Android with these Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 25th, 2011

Real life scenes often have a wide range of light intensity, which are challenging for a camera to naturally handle and do justice to – well-lit scenes have a tendency to look washed out, while inadequately lit scenes tend to look dark, shadowy and lacking in detail.

The HDR photography technique allows the photographer to capture details in bright and dark areas and have them merged into a single photo. This technique is widely used by professional photographers but can be used on Android phones once they have a HDR app.

HDR requires that several photos be taken at different exposures and then be precisely aligned and fused to create a stunningly rich image.

Owing to the fact that some time elapses between shooting each image, a good HDR solution must compensate for moving objects and the inevitable shaking of the camera.  Without this compensation the final image will include some ghosting/fuzziness.

Here are some Android HDR apps that have a powerful algorithm that makes HDR a feasible solution on mobile phones.

HDR Camera+

HDR Camera+ needs a zooming option and depending on your phone’s processing prowess it may be a bit slow, but if you are willing to tweak the settings a bit you may just be able to produce some stunning photos.

Some of the app’s best features include:

  • Real HDR: exposure bracketing and tone mapping
  • Simple: take a HDR image in one tap
  • HDR images fused and tone mapped on device within seconds
  • Hand shake compensation
  • Correct handling of moving objects, de-ghosting
  • You can control tone-mapping parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color vividness, exposure
  • Save original exposure bracketed images
  • Location tagging
  • Option to mute the annoying shutter sound can be muted
  • Support for Flash on/off/auto

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Camera360 Free

This is one of the top-rated Android camera and photo-editing app, and rightly so – it can apply effects such as: LOMO, Retro Effect, Dreamlike Effect, Art of Black and White. If you find its many types of effect a bit much, do a long press to get more information on each effect.

The HDR effect itself produces great looking images. It also includes Unique Funny Mode: Effects like Surrealistic B&W Paining, Vertical/Horizontal Left Symmetry, Vertical/ Horizontal Right Symmetry, Ghost are available.

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PicsIn Magic Effects

This free Android HDR app has many effects such as Stenciler, Cartoonizer, Sketcher, Orton, Lomo, Vintage, Cross Process, HDR, Fattal, Pencil, Holgaart and more. Good as a standalone as well as complimentary to Picsin Photo, Draw and Share app.

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