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10 Recommended Apps for the HTC Evo 3D

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 18th, 2011

If you are fortunate enough to own an Evo 3D we recommend that you try these apps; they are a great way to make full use of the phone’s 3D capabilities, dual core processor and gorgeous 4.3-inch display.

PicSay Pro –The Evo 3D can capture great looking photos but you can take them to the next level with one of the best Android photo editors on the market. The Evo 3D has lots of tools and special effects to make your photos pop.

Angry Birds 3D – Rovio Mobile – Angry Birds is simply one of the most entertaining and popular games available for smart phones today. It looks great on the Evo 3D.

Adobe Flash 10.3 – The HTC Evo 3D comes with Adobe flash but we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version, doing so will allow you to see online content the way it was meant to be seen.

Dropbox – Especially if don’t buy additional storage for the phone, you will need to free up storage by uploading all the HD content you create with your Evo to an online storage service. Dropbox is a great way of doing so, while at the same time giving you access to your files from wherever you can get a network connection.

Flixster – If you are a movie fan you will want Flixster on your Evo 3D. This is not the app that will give you tons of free video content, but it is still a great way to read movie reviews, find local theatres and watch movie trailers.

Google Maps 3D – View streets, buildings, and landmarks in 3D.

Google Voice – Make cheap international calls; listen to and read voicemail transcripts; send free text messages using your Google number.

Pulse – This is a newsreader that pulls content from you favorite online resources. The picture thumbnails of your favorites sites will look good on the Evo 3D’s large display.

Extreme Call Blocker Droid – It may be far-fetched to think that your friends are going to start hounding you to go show them your new phone, nonetheless having one of the best call filtering apps is a great way to protect your privacy.

Lookout – You really shouldn’t go without installing a good antivirus app on your smart phone, be it an Android or not. Lookout is one of the best Antivirus apps for Android phones and tablets; you can also use it to locate stolen or misplaced phones.

Handcent – Put your phone’s messaging capabilities on steroid with Handcent. It has many themes, options and settings to supercharge your messaging experience; it also has emoji support.

These are just some of the apps that we like. What apps would you first install on a new Evo? Let us know in the comments section below.

Top 5 Android Real Estate Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 17th, 2011

Having the right real estate apps can help you find new listings before others; and if you are an agent, you can use them to help your clients find a deal that is right for their budget and preference. This is a roundup of the best real estate apps we could find for Android phones and tablets. Real Estate Search

This is  a powerful real estate app that clients and real estate agents should find extremely useful. Use the app to find houses that are up for sale and information relating to the listing. The app also has the ability to share listings with an agent, family and friends using email and social media services. Some of the app’s most notable features include the ability to:

  • View listings of nearby properties as you move around
  • Save voice notes; this is very useful for remembering the property’s features and your first impressions; a very useful feature for those who view lots of properties
  • View the area immediately surrounding a property using the Google Street View service
  • View nearby homes for sale from a widget without opening the app

QR Code

Google Maps

Invariably you are going to need help finding a property in an unfamiliar area. Google Maps has voice-guided navigation for finding hard to locate addresses. If you want to go super-agent, you can use the app to see if there are geographical features, landmarks or properties that could make it difficult to sell a property, i.e. nearby train routes or airports. QR Code

Zillow Real Estate & Rentals

Zillow has data for millions of homes in the U.S. With a GPS enabled phone you can have the app show homes that are on sale or rent close to your current location. The app has a unique “make me move” features which states the price at which an owner will be willing to move if the right offer is made, in essence the app lists properties that aren’t on the market even though you could convince the buyer to sell.

It is also a great app for wondering around an area to see what homes are on the market, if only to see what you can afford. If you find a listing that you may be interesting in, Zillow will usually have the contact info for the current agent so you can call and get further information. QR Code

See Zillow in action in this video:

Mortgage Calculator

Helps you figure out what you or a client of yours can afford to pay for a mortgage based on current interest rates, the property’s value and the down payment. QR Code

Astrid Locale Add-on

Did you know it is possible to configure your Android to detect where you are and then have it display a location specific reminder when you get to that predetermine location. How is this useful to a real estate agent? Let us say you have a property to check on but you keep on forgetting to go have a look at it when you are close by. You can have your Android remind you, with a popup notification, the next time you are in the area. For this solution to work you will need to install the Locale plugin and the Astrid Locale Add-on. QR Code

Call Reminder Notes

You wont forget to ask a client for some important information the next time you talk to them if you use Call Reminder. You can use the app to assign a note to a contact so that you will be reminded of what you must talk to them about when next you talk. Call Reminder will show a popup note the next time your client calls you or you attempt to call them. QR Code

How to Create an Android App

Posted By Guest Contributor on August 14th, 2011

There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for Google`s Android platform. Some are created by professional developers and sell for a premium while others have been created in bedrooms by enthusiastic amateurs. If you want to make your own Android app, the following are a few key tips to help get you started.

Start by heading over to the Android developer site to read the relevant developer guides and information. You will also need to understand the process involved in submitting an app to Google, taking into account any rules and restrictions to ensure your app passes with flying colors.  There are also more user friendly online app development software you can consider using.

Using the App Inventor

If you have limited programming or development experience, the simplest approach to creating an Android app is to take advantage of Google`s App Inventor. This is a set of flexible software tools intended to allow virtually anyone to program for Android. You will need some spare time and a little patience to master the App Inventor, but since it runs in your web browser you can use it from virtually anywhere without having to download additional software.

App Inventor requires that you create a Google account, a process which takes a matter of minutes. Once you have signed into the service via your web browser you can view guide videos, use a simple help wizard to get started and then begin your own project.

Arguably the best thing about the App Inventor is that you can try your app as it is created in real time, using your Android phone or tablet. By connecting your handset to your PC or laptop via USB, you can watch the various elements of the app come together. This will allow you to make adjustments on the fly without having to constantly finalize the app for testing.

App Inventor has a relatively straightforward interface and allows you to piece together apps based on a segmented design layout known as `blocks`. You can assign text, pictures, videos and specific functions to each block so that users can view them and then interact with them via their touchscreen displays for an intuitive experience.

Advanced app developers can exploit a range of functions available on Android phones, harnessing everything from the phone`s camera to its GPS capabilities, increasing the sophistication (and thus the value) of your app.

Android app creation is accessible to everyone. You don`t even need the best Android phones to use it. This is all thanks to an emulator which will allow your Windows computer to run Android apps for testing purposes.

Some degree of perseverance is required if you want to make an app that pushes boundaries and gains widespread recognition, but this is definitely a skill worth learning given the explosive growth of the Android market.

–This was a guest post from

How to Create Awesome Apps Even if You Can’t Code

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 12th, 2011

I had no Idea! I didn’t know it was so easy to create an app. Like many other persons, I thought it took weeks, technical know how and thousands of dollars to create an app for the Android and iPhone platforms. So, I was totally amazed to find that there are solutions that will give you the tools you need to create great looking and feature-rich apps, even if you can’t write a line of code. I kid you not; once you can drag & drop you can create an awesome app.

What they can Do

By and large, the app development software that we are going to look at below offer easy drag and drop type interfaces for creating iPhone and Android apps. In most cases app creators provide all the assets, tools and resources you need to create a great looking and fully functional app. You may need to hire a graphics artist to create a custom logo and other graphics; you can find one at 99designs or eLance.

We are going to look at some iPhone and Android app creator software below, but in general they can do the following:

  • Have a WYSIWYG user interface
  • Offer low cost and sometimes free alternatives to customized app programming services that can cost well over $20k for a good app
  • Online/web-base app development software
  • No coding required
  • The best solutions will help you create a developer account and manage the app approval process
  • Require no special hardware
  • Have custom app services if you want to integrate advance features

Quick and Low & No Cost Solutions

These solutions can be used to quickly and easily create apps to feature digital content you already have on your website or other popular media sites such as Youtube.  In a similar way to how RSS feeds help website readers access website content, you can create an app that will pull videos, articles and discussions from your site and present it in your custom app.  Some of the best ultra-low-cost Android and iPhone app makers that allow you to do this include Snappii and iBuildApp.

App creators do have some limitations so you will need to do some homework before deciding which solution to use. For example, some solutions don’t have support for: push-notifications, automatic display rotation and integration with the GPS functionality of the device. If you need to develop a feature-rich Android or iPhone app, try Mobi Roadie.

Creating Awesome Apps

Mobile Roadie is both an app creation software and app creation service that allow users to create their own apps for either the Android or iPhone platforms, or they can have the software create apps for both platforms from the one design. Mobile Roadie has been used to create apps for well-known artists such as Madonna and Bon Jovi.

The app has a large selection of assets you can use to create your app; so you can choose from a large selection of templates, or you can design each element yourself; in any case, you are able to customize each pixel of the app if you want. Mobile Roadie hosts all the apps, so clients automatically get all the new features that Apple and Google release from time to time without them needing to worry about the technicalities of ensuring compatibility with the apps they have already created.

Because the apps are hosted by Mobile Roadie you can make real-time changes to published apps without having to resubmit the apps to the iTunes stores or the Android Market. In other words, the minute you make changes to your apps the updated version will be available for users to enjoy.

If you want a simply app to feature your website’s content try either the Snappii or iBuildApp app creator.  However, if you need a more robust solution to stream and sell music; push your photos and videos to your fans or send location specific messages to users, Mobile Roadie is the most cost effective option we could found.

Here is a Mobile Roadie overview video:

Top 5 Most Exciting Android Rumors

Posted By Steven Farrell on June 21st, 2011

Google’s long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich is arriving this fall, finally merging the functions of FroYo and Honeycomb. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Android’s wacky naming scheme, this means the tablet and smartphone versions of the OS are merging, creating a single app database that should rival Apple’s. As with any major release, there are plenty of rumors surrounding Android’s future.

Android Messenger to Challenge iMessenger and BBM

Blackberry Messenger has long been the standard for instant messaging on phones, and Apple hopes to duplicate this success with their announcement of iMessenger for iOS 5. Not wanting to be left behind, Google is rumored to be working on a similar app. Platform fighting aside, this means most buyers could drop their text messaging plans when they get new Android devices.

Android moves to OMAP

While early development on Android 4.0 centered around nVidia’s Tegra 2 and rumors of the quad-core Kal El making an appearance in tablets, Google may shift the platform to Texas Instruments’ OMAP processors. Phones coming out this summer with the Tegra processor will look dated once Ice Cream Sandwich devices hit stores.

Microsoft Squeezing Droid Manufacturers with Patent Fees

Last year, Microsoft struck licensing deals with Android device manufacturers because the software giant claims that the OS infringes on a wide range of patents. There are new rumors that there may be some correlation between the patent fees firms pay to Microsoft and their production of Windows Mobile-based phones: In effect, Microsoft may be using these claims to leverage market share. If this is true, the software will certainly put more pressure on manufacturers as Windows Mobile 8 is prepared for release.

The Next Nexus

Google’s next phone is highly anticipated, since it will point the way for future Android-based smartphones. This new Nexus phone will probably be the first device to ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Physical menu buttons will be dropped to allow for a larger 720p screen, while video processing will be improved to provide full 1080p video capture and playback. The Nexus will use a dual-core processor running between 1.2 and 1.5Ghz. Memory is expected to be 1GB.

It’s a Phone! It’s a Tablet! It’s the Padphone!

The first tablet available with Ice Cream Sandwich will probably be Asus’ Padphone. It takes the OS merging to a physical level, using a smartphone that can work by itself or plug into a tablet dock for expanded functionality, much like the Motorola Atrix phone/netbook concept. The tablet has a built-in battery that can recharge the phone while in use and adds WiFi for local data transfer. Users will also be able to seamlessly move between the displays while only requiring a single 3G subscription.

Mobile Search: An Innovative Way to Find Great Content and Apps as Well

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 31st, 2011

To search for content using a mobile device we normally do a Web search (search bar, search widget etc) or open a specific application to find the information or content that we want. The problem with the traditional search results is that the pages aren’t always formatted for mobile devices and at other times the results just aren’t irrelevant.

On the other hand, if one wishes to search for information using an app, that app would have to be already installed and functioning. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hybrid of these two search techniques? In essence, it would be great to be able to ask all the relevant apps to return the most relevant result they can serve up.

How Do@ Works

It turns out that the tech company Do@ has developed such a solution. When the user enters a search criterion the app queries all the relevant mobile apps it can find and presents each result within the interface of the app that provided the result. DO@ does so by showing the search results in the HTML version of the application. (more…)

Best SMS Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 16th, 2011

What follows is a roundup of three of the very best SMS apps or Androids. These apps provide a more customizable alternative to the stock Android SMS app, not only in the way the apps manage messages, but also in the way the messaging interface looks and how much the user pays for messaging as well.


Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S 2

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 12th, 2011

If you are fortunate to own a Samsung Galaxy S 2 then no doubt you will be looking for apps to take advantage of its 4.3″ WVGA SUPER AMOLED Plus display, the greater processing power of its dual core processor; its 8MP camera and its other impressive features. Here is a roundup of some great apps for the Samsung Galaxy S 2. (more…)

Android OBD App Review: Torque

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 9th, 2011

Armed with a ELM/OBD adapter along with an Android OBD app not only can help you see what your vehicle is doing in real time but can save you lots of money especially when the alternative is paying for a dealer diagnostic readout or purchasing a professional grade OBD reader.

This is a review of one of, if not the best OBD/OBDii Android apps. Before you can use this app you must first source a good OBD adapter that will act as an interface between the phone/tablet and the vehicle’s ECU. You will be able to find cheap adapters on eBay and Amazon, but they are reported to be less than reliable and in fact are likely to fail after being use for a short period of time, if the device ever works at all. You can find high quality OBD2 scan tools including USB, WiFi and Bluetooth solutions at (more…)

The Best Android Tablets with GPS

Posted By Steve McFarlane on March 11th, 2011

The market is flooded with GPS navigation devices including in-car navigation units from Garmin and software solutions for Blackberry, Android and the iOS platform.  While consumers love their gadgets, the novelty of having the latest and greatest device often wears off pretty quickly leaving consumers wanting a solution that integrates the features they want the most into one device.

Multi-function devices reduce the number gadgets that consumers have to carry around. For example, a GPS-enabled Tablet eliminates the need for an in-car navigation device and a separate Tablet, provided that the size of the device is right. Here are some Android Tablets with GPS already integrated. (more…)

Free Antivirus Software for Androids

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 18th, 2011

Lookout Mobile Security is perhaps one of the best Android antivirus apps available, a fact that reviewers at CNET and PCWorld seem to agree with. Not only is Lookout a virus-removal and protection software but it is a full-fledge mobile security solution as well.

Lookout’s main function is that of virus protection and removal.  The app runs in the background, where it monitors the activities of apps and data traffic coming to the phone. Once a threat is identified, the app will deal with it so your phone is not compromised. (more…)

Top 10 Free HTC Thunderbolt Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 18th, 2011

The HTC Thunderbolt has large and generous dimensions that make the device a joy to use. If you have a Thunderbolt here are some of the top free apps that you can find for it. You can download any of these Free HTC Thunderbolt Apps by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app. Click the QR code to get a size that can be easily scanned. (more…)

Dual Sim Android Phones that are Available Now

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 15th, 2011

Dual sim Android cell phones have been available in Asia for a sometime.  Examples of which include the Chinese made Eclipse, ENJOY I9000 MINI and F003. This is a roundup of the best Android dual sim phones that are available now. If you are looking for a dual sim card phone from one of the major manufacturers, check out these original dual sim phones (Viewsonic V350 and Gigabyte GSmart Rol), they should be available in the first half of 2011.


Dual-Sim Android Smart Phones – 2011 Availability

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 15th, 2011

Dual sim smart phones have been popular in Asia for some time, but have not caught on in the West, primarily because mobile phone networks insist on locking phones to their own network to the exclusion of others.  Nevertheless the advantages of having a dual sim cell phone are quite obvious, especially if you travel overseas a lot and need to switch sim cards when you do so, or you want to take advantage of various service offerings on separate networks.


Android: DLNA Certified Phones

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 10th, 2011

DLNA enabled phones can be used as media servers, which enable you to access content from a TV, audio system and PC without using wires to connect the devices. Most importantly, there is no need to configure network settings, or synchronize content between DLNA devices. There are also Android DLNA remote control apps that can be used to control playback.

For your Android cell phone to work as a DLNA server, or remote control, it needs to have Wi-Fi and be a DLNA certified device. Here is a list of Android phones that are DLNA certified. (more…)

Best Android Music Recognition Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 7th, 2011

It is pretty awesome that a small app running on a mobile device can be such a powerful music recognition tool.  The next time you find yourself wondering what is the name of tune or song, use one of these Android music recognition apps to get the info you want.


Android Antivirus Apps for Phones and Tablets

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 25th, 2011

How do you remove a virus from an Android phone or tablet? Well you first need to install and run a very good antivirus program to remove the malware. There are a number of solutions, but as is the case with antivirus applications for PCs and MACs, the best solution is only as good as its virus definition files, and are only effective if those files are updated frequently. Here is a list of the best antivirus software for Android devices. (more…)

The Best Android Email Clients

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 25th, 2011

Most new Androids come with Gmail and another mail client that is simply called mail. While Gmail only handles emails from its namesake Google email service (Gmail), the generic client (Mail) can handle multiple accounts, but has a limited feature-set.  In this article, we will be looking at other Android email clients that can replace the stock Droid email clients and can also handle multiple POP3, IMAP and other webmail services. (more…)

Best Android Games – Card Game Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 23rd, 2011

Card games have long been used for entertainment, to pass time and to wager. Here are some to the best-rated Android card games on the market.


Awesome and Amazing Google Android Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 19th, 2011

From providing information on a product that you are at the supermarket considering to purchasing, to revealing the name of a song and artist by having the phone listening to a part of the tune, Google Android phones can do some pretty amazing and awesome things.  Here are some apps that are more than novelty items, but can actually do some amazing things, if only to be used to wow your friends. (more…)

Android Apps for Finding Gas Stations and Cheap Gas

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 18th, 2011

Besides driving less aggressively and making fewer road trips, there are things consumers can do to reduce how much they pay for gasoline, not least among which is finding a gas station that sells at a good price. If you just need to find the nearest gas station with little concern for price, you can always try Yelp or Layer applications. However, if you want to find the cheapest gas at a nearby gas station, here are some Google Android apps that were designed to help consumers do just that.


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Best Android Math and Calculator Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 12th, 2011

You can carry one less device by installing a calculator app on your Android. Some persons may still want to carry a dedicated calculator, to ensure that they can continue working if the phone battery goes dead, and to have a more rugged device, but that is about all a traditional calculator has over an Android calculator app.

In many case, the scientific, construction, finance and calculus calculators that are available on smart phones surpasses those of traditional calculators on points of style and function.

Here are some of the best Android calculator apps available today.  You can download each mathematics app by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app. You can also enlarge each screen shot by simply clicking it. (more…)

The Best HTC Wildfire Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 6th, 2011

The list of apps on the Android market and app directories alike is staggering. Of such, it can be challenging to choose from among the best, the ones that are must haves, but we have gone through the trouble of finding the best apps for HTC Wildfire. In general, these apps will work just fine on other popular Androids including the Droid, Droid Incredible, EVO 4G and Samsung Fascinate. Here is a list of the top HTC Wildfire apps. (more…)

The Best Lotus Notes Android Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 5th, 2011

Lotus Notes Traveler is the official Lotus Notes Android app for mobile users.  Lotus Notes Traveler is also available for the iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. This Android Lotus Notes app allows the user to sync emails, calendars and contacts with their mobile phones.Traveler - Lotus Notes Android client

Some key features of the Lotus Notes Traveler app include:

  • The ability to access Lotus Notes from Android and other mobile platforms, including Windows Mobile and the iPhone.
  • A no-charge Lotus Notes mobile solution for customers who qualify.
  • The ability to get Lotus Notes emails on Android phones with Traveler’s remote sync feature. You can also get your email attachments, calendar entries and contact data. (more…)

The Best Android Shopping and Coupon Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on January 5th, 2011

Shopping applications give turn-by-turn directions to the nearest supermarkets, hotels, gas stations, restaurants, gyms, ATMs, banks and movie theaters, and also help consumers find great deals.

Whether you need an app to help you find a store offering the best price on an item you are looking for, or you need help finding a good gift idea, these Android shopping apps can help. We list the best Android coupon app, the best Android shopping app, and the best Android gift suggestion app we could find.

The Coupons App

Enjoy awesome savings at your favorite department stores, restaurants and gas stations with one of the most popular coupon apps forThe Coupons App – Android Coupon App the Android platform. It is not uncommon to find discounts and offers of more than 30-50% off; you can also use the app to get free samples and magazines. Some other popular features include:

  • Barcode scanning to find matching prices
  • The ability to share coupons by email, Twitter and Facebook
  • The ability to do a voice search of available coupons
  • Save coupons to your calendar or a map. (more…)