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Getting Reviews That Make People Want to Buy Your Book

Posted By Steve McFarlane on June 2nd, 2017

Reviews add credibility to your work, helps reader to determine what to expect if they were to read your work. As a bonus good reviews can boost book sales as well.

Buyers rely on reviews to decide whether or not they will make a purchase now or at all.  Your job is to remove as many barriers to a customer deciding to hit the buy button.

You may have an appealing blurb, title and cover as well as the right price, but the truth is some buyers may not make a purchase because there weren’t enough reviews on your product for them to make an informed decision.

While some books will sell without reviews, particularly those that come with a recommendation, books sell even better if they have good reviews— the more early reviews there are the better.  In fact, having early reviews is critical if a book is going to climb the bestseller list without hindrance.

In this article I will show you how to get legitimate reviews that make readers want to buy your books, and how to get them fast. Some methods will test your patience; some are downright simply but they are all effective.

Ask Your Readers or fan base — Easy

The best people to ask for reviews are those who are already familiar with your work. Here are some options you can use to ask your fans and readers for reviews and feedback.
Put a review request at the back of your book

The best time to ask for a review is just after someone has finish reading your work. Think about it. The book, its characters, plots and your writing style are fresh in the reader’s mind just after they finishing reading your work.

It is that time that their opinion and memory of your work is freshest so there is no better time to ask for a review than just after they just finished reading. Hopefully you have made a strong and positive impression.

Just after the story ends ask for the review. Here is a sample of how you could craft the review request:

Thank you for reading x. If you enjoyed reading this book PLEASE leave a review on Amazon. 

Ask your mailing list

If you have a mailing list you can segment the list to find your most responsive readers. You can then invite some of these readers to join an advance readers list. Send the list ARC (advanced reviewers copy) so they can read the book and be ready to post a review once the book is released.

I am sure you can image what it would be like to have 10 or more reviews on the very day your book is released. While it is true that these reviews won’t have the ‘Verified Purchase’ badge they nonetheless will help boost sales. As a bonus, some of these reviewers will actually buy your book even though you sent them a free copy. BookFunnel is a great tool for managing the release and delivery of ARC’s.

Contact Amazon’s top reviewers

One of the best places to find lots of people who are eager to read and review your books is Amazon itself. There are actually quite a few persons who enjoy writing reviews and make a serious hobby of it. It’s quite easy for you to contact them with a review request.

To find these reviewers start by looking at who has reviewed your previously published work or the work of others authors in your genre. As a bonus to doing this activity you will get an idea of what readers in a certain like and are buying.

To find reviewers do the following:

  1. Start by clicking the “customer reviews” link below the authors name that is at the top of a page on a book listing.
  2. Click on the name of each reviewer to see their profile. You are looking for reviewers that give contact details in their profile. You may need to click “See more” to see their contact details. If you don’t see any contact details move on to another reviewer.  Tip: Right click on the reviewer’s names to open each profile in a new tab. This makes going through the large number of reviewers easier.
  3. Click the “Send email”, website address or whatever other contact details the review gave. Be sure to copy and save the reviewer’s Amazon URL from the browser’s address bar and save it to a spreadsheet so you can track who you’ve contacted.
  4. Contact each reviewer explaining to them that you found their contact details on Amazon. Tell them that you have a book that you think may be of interest to them, and that you would like to send it to them. Explain that you are seeking an honest review of the item you’ll send but that there is no obligation on their part to give a positive review. You are inviting reviews not demanding it in exchange for a gift.Pay attention to the average star rating of reviewers. Don’t ask a review from someone who routinely gives one and two stars expecting—you are unlike to get a favorable review from such reviewers.

You can also find a listing of the top Amazon reviewers here:

Get in Touch with the Book Blogger Community

You can use the process outlined above to contact bloggers who review books in your genre. Just beware that this process can be time consuming. While less than 10% of the bloggers you contact will eventually post a review, contacting them is still worth the effort.

As a bonus some bloggers have a good following and any review they post to their channels has the potential to send you buyers and fans.


It can be tempting to skip the work and use online gigs to get reviews quickly, but the risk surrounding the buy-reviews strategy are too great. You may have heard of some authors who gamed the system by purchasing fake reviews and you may be tempted to purchase reviews from an online gig, but do not buy reviews.

Amazon and some astute readers will find and expose your sins. The retailer will remove your reviews and you would have spent your money in vain, not to mention the embarrassment of getting called out in a very public way. The greatest transgression of all is that you would have abused a system of trust by which real online buyers can have confidence in the purchases that they make.

No it’s your turn. Go get some reviews.

Which is the Better Pick, iOS 6 or Android?

Posted By Guest Contributor on September 24th, 2012

The problem of cell phone monitoring has been around for a while, though recently it has become an even bigger issue.

The latest cell phone monitoring apps and services offer much better and greater functionality, however for the average user this only means that anyone trying to do harm through these apps can now do more of it.

Even platform specific apps such as Android Spy has been enhanced even further, making it possible to find out things such as who you talk to, how much you communicate and where you live, all through a simple Android spy.

Though, nearly all smart phone developers are putting out the latest versions of their smart phone operating systems to feature new and enhanced capabilities, including beefed up security measures, they aren’t perfect.

A closer look at the newer operating systems offered by both Apple and Google will give us a better idea of what to expect when visiting the market for a new smart device.

The Apple iOS 6

Among the enhanced features of the new iPhone 5 is the ability to tag and locate incoming calls. Not only that, but Siri which was recently released also received its share of upgrades.

A brand new addition to the platform is Passbook, a new service being provided by Apple. One of the most awaited features, and also one of the biggest addition and change that Apple has made to its latest devices is to integrate Apples’ own mapping service.

Even though it has its shortcomings, Apple seems to have invested a lot in developing Apple Maps, buying rights and permissions from Google Maps and other global mapping firms and now Apple has its own service for its users.

Android Jelly Bean

In the long line of tasty operating systems, Jelly Bean is the latest sweet addition to the Android operating system line up. Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, is being launched with the latest Android devices.

One of the interesting developments brought forth in Jelly bean is the addition of a voice service which works much like Siri. This is another feature which has been added to make Android a stronger competitor to Apple and all competing smart phone manufacturers in general.

In fact Androids latest operating system showcases dozens of tiny modifications which have been made to stream line the platform. For example a new tweak has been made to how notifications are shown to the user.

Similar to this is the modification made to widgets; now users can further personalize widgets such as re-size them. Support of a number of languages has also been added so you can use your phone in your mother tongue.

Will These Update Help Mobile Security?

Even though Apple and Google have made many changes to make their platforms and phones more appealing to users and give them a more enjoyable experience, in terms of security, not many strides have been made.

Users may find that they are equally vulnerable on the new system as compared to the previous one and security is a major concerned which has not been dealt with in the way it should have been.

Author Bio:Beth’s major effort has revolved around latest gadgets. Recently she’s been playing with the best spy app for Android that are diverting the interest of the new generation. She helps readers can find out more about what’s most recent and happening in the Spyware on Blackberry world..

Review – Microsoft’s on{x} App for Android

Posted By Guest Contributor on September 19th, 2012

Microsoft’s Israeli arm recently released an Android app called on{x} that allows users to build recipes to automate tasks on their phone.

After logging in via Facebook, users have the option of choosing from a short list of recipes (it’s all feeling a little like, which can be tweaked.

They can also create (code) their own recipes using JavaScript APIs. Sample code looks like this:
device.screen.on(“unlock”, function(){
var notification = device.notifications.createNotification(‘Hello world!’);;
console.log(‘Hello World notification was sent to the phone’);

Getting Started & Ease of Use

on {x} automates, but has a long way to go. Although there is a detailed ‘Getting Started’ section that covers most of the basics for creating recipes to suite your individual needs, you will need to be a bit of a geek to get it working.

Just scrolling through this information section can be overwhelming if you are eager, but lacking a little JavaScript base knowledge.

The problem with creating your own recipes is that you can’t do it from your phone. For that you need to log onto your computer which, for persons like me, is a small issue.

I prefer to be able to do things as I think of them, instead of writing a ream of  To Do’s and maybe remembering to look at them.

Chances are, when I do remember, I will, once again, be away from my computer. If I’m going to spend time creating recipes on my computer to use on my phone, I would rather use a site like which has 1743 pages of recipes and an incredibly easy creation method; no coding skills needed.

My Impressions

Perhaps, once the beta phase is over – a phase aimed primary at developers– and there are more recipes that users can easily adjust to get results that are locally and lifestyle relevant, we will be able to get practical solutions for our cellphones.

Of course, there are other options, like Tasker and Locale, which, while tricky to use and aren’t free, don’t require coding, but they lack that Microsoft allure that those of us curious about the company find so irresistible.

All in all, on{x} is a great first attempt, but has a long way to go if Microsoft is aiming to appeal to more than dedicated JavaScript coders. The app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

This was a guest post by Charlotte Jackson

Apps for The Samsung Galaxy SIII

Posted By Guest Contributor on August 9th, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy SIII benefited from one of the biggest mobile launches of all time thanks to nine million units being pre-ordered by retailers. If you were one of the early adopters of this super-phone then you might want to try out one of these apps to see how far you can push its quad core processor and HD display.


One of the Galaxy SIII`s best features is its eight megapixel camera, because the CPU is put to good use, enabling you to capture multiple still images at the same time as recording full HD video clips.

Once you have taken as many pictures as you like and chosen the best snap, Instagram is the app to use if you want to add some vintage flare to your pictures.

This popular editing tool has only been available on Android for a short time and is also a great social networking service that lets you follow other users and see how creative mobile photography can become.

Onavo Extend

The Galaxy SIII is a beast of a phone that will have you downloading files, surfing the web, streaming videos and doing much more besides.

However, all this usage can add up if you are harnessing your mobile data connection. This means you could go over your allowance and have to pay through the nose for additional usage.

Thankfully this app is the best way to manage your usage in real time and see exactly how much you can do with your remaining allowance. It also does its best to reduce the amount of data which is consumed by your phone, giving you extra leeway with a more streamlined approach to mobile internet access, which is handy.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

This popular Scandinavian first person sandbox game has made waves on the PC and home consoles, but now it is available on the Galaxy SIII.

Samsung`s handset is a natural fit for this block-building title, allowing you to explore your creativity in randomly generate worlds and, as the name suggests, get involved in some mining. Just make sure you have erected a shelter before darkness falls, or else death by monsters is a major threat.

Samsung Remote

Turning your Galaxy SIII into a remote for your TV is easier than you might imagine thanks to this application.

It can synchronise with your Samsung TV and then allow you to control things like volume, channel and plenty of other settings from the comfort of your sofa. It is even compatible with Blu-Ray players produced by Samsung, which is a convenient touch.

Angry Birds Space

Filling every one of the 1280×720 pixels of the Galaxy SIII`s display with glorious cartoony action is possible if you download Angry Birds Space, the latest iteration of this popular casual gaming franchise.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 deals with titles like this with ease because of its processing horsepower, but that also means that you can enjoy the smoothest physics-based puzzling of any Android device with this app.

Top Samsung Galaxy Nexus Apps

Posted By Guest Contributor on August 6th, 2012

If you have invested in a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and you want to get the most out of your high end handset then there are a number of apps and services which you might want to download and enjoy. Here are just a few of the best Galaxy Nexus apps available on the Google Play marketplace at the moment.

Ultimate Galaxy Nexus App

This appropriately titled app from Drippler is designed to keep you bang up to date with the very latest news and developments relating to your smartphone of choice.

It features its own widget and a fully customisable news feed interface so that stories and updates relating to the Galaxy Nexus are delivered direct to your homescreen.

This app has received four or five star ratings from thousands of Galaxy Nexus owners as well as positive reviews from media outlets, so if you want to stay on top of reports and events it is your best bet.


This is one of the growing number of applications which is fully optimised for Android 4.0, which is of course found onboard the Galaxy Nexus in its native form.

Netflix is a subscription-based video streaming service which lets you watch full movies and TV show series on your smartphone.

Even if you do not have a subscription you can get a month free just for joining if you are a first time user, which means you can experience the benefits of this app without having to pay for the privilege.

TweetCaster Pro

This premium Twitter client takes full advantage of the Galaxy Nexus` large display and powerful hardware to bring you the best tweeting experience on the market.

The user interface is uncomplicated and still deep enough to grab your attention. Meanwhile you can tweet, send direct messages, organise your lists and manage multiple Twitter accounts without having to jump in and out of other apps.

Many people prefer this app to the official Twitter client because it is optimised for Android 4.0, you will get the smoothest experience when using it in conjunction with a Galaxy Nexus.

Fancy Widgets

The widgets on your homescreen may look decent enough already, but this app is for fans of customisation and real eye candy.

If you opt for the premium version then you can access hundreds of skins for various widgets including weather, time and calendar.

Those who want to get really involved in the process can choose to personalise the preset widget options even further, which will make your Galaxy Nexus` homescreen look quite unique.

There are plenty of other apps which you can download and enjoy on the Galaxy Nexus and you will definitely be able to make the most out of the power of your phone if you experiment and choose apps which appeal to your sensibilities. Because the Galaxy Nexus is increasingly available on affordable mobile phones deals, the price of ownership is falling and more people can experience its power.

Android Gallery Lock Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 25th, 2012

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but some can distort the image others have of us, or tell a story about us we don’t want others know.

While our smart phones make it easy for us to record what we have been up to and save images of things we like while browsing the Internet, these pictures can be deeply personal and private.

If you have a private collection of photos on your phone that you rather not expose to someone who may gain access to your phone, you should install a good gallery lock app. Two of the best Android gallery lock apps are: “Hide Pictures in Vaulty” and “Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)”.

Hide Pictures in Vaulty

If have kids, a noisy spouse or you just like protecting your privacy, you can keep your pictures & videos safe and private with Vaulty.

You can select one of multiple files from your gallery to move them to the media vault where they will be hidden.  If you want even more privacy you can upgrade to the premium version, which has more security features and disguises Vaulty as a fully functioning stock reporting app.

Once you enter the correct password Vaulty will allow you to see the vault’s contents and manage it. Other features include the ability to share pictures videos, and slideshows.


Smart Gallery (Gallery Lock+)

This is another video and picture vault app for your Android. Like other privacy apps for Android the app protects your media with a password, and also has media management capability, which you will surely need if you have quite a bit of files to work with.

Best Android Walkie Talkie Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 22nd, 2012

Turn your phone into a Walkie Talkie with these handy apps. They are great for saving your money you would normally spend on making a call or sending a text.

If you regard an audio messaging as a good alternative to email and SMS then you will like what these apps can do to improve and enhance communication between you and your contacts.

Because Walkie Talkie apps can record audio messages for you to listen to later, if you aren’t able to listen to it right away, many regard Walkie Talkie apps as superior to traditional Walkie Talkie solutions, if only for the fact that you can get the feature on your current phone and that the voice quality is much better.

All the apps that are listed here work over WiFi, 3G, 4G and EDGE, they are therefore a great way of saving your voice minutes and SMS quota.


This is a cross platform PTT (push-to-talk) app that is great for communicating with your friends whether they are on Android, iOS or a Windows Phone 7 device. You can specify who can contact you, whether you prefer being contacted by only family or friends, only those you had previously added to you address book or you can leave it open so any can call.
The app has a large ‘Hold and Speak’ button which is great especially if you need to use the app while driving. This HeyTell can also be used to send text, photos and your location to an individual or a group.
Install Hey Tell

Voxer WalkieTalkie PTT

Voxer is a completely zero charge and ad free Walkie Talkie app for Android and other smartphones as well. When you send an instant audio message your friends can listen to it while you are talking or listen to it at a later date. Voxer can also send text, photos and location messages to one friend or a group of your friends.

Key Features:

  • Live Walkie Talkie
  • Talk with friends on Android and iPhone
  • Group chats
  • Get notifications for new messages
  • Create messages even offline
  • Connect with Facebook friends on Voxer

Install Voxer

Zello Walkie Talkie Loudtalks

Zello is a fast and truly cross platform Walkie Talkie solution that makes it possible to talk with other users on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, PC and Windows Mobile devices. You can talk to your contacts privately or you can join public channels to discuss a hot topic.
If you don’t want to talk you can always set your status to busy or away. When you are ready to talk with your friends you only need to set you status to Available or headphones; the app will also allow you to see the status of your contacts.

Key features of Zello include:

  • Realtime streaming, high voice quality
  • Contacts availability and text status
  • Public and private channels for up to 100 users
  • Hardware PTT button mapping
  • Voice history
  • Also available on iPhone, BlackBerry and PC

Install Zello

TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie

This app also allows free, real-time one-on-one voice calls between you, your friends, family and colleagues and groups as well.
No setup is required to talk to someone as the app will allows you to talk with contact from your phone’s contacts or Facebook friends. This PTT app has one of the highest ratings among other PTT Android apps, so you should give it a try.
Install TiKL

With the phasing out of the Nextel service by 2013 there is no wonder that consumers are looking for push-to-talk alternatives for their mobile devices. While we highlighted some of the best Walkie Talkie apps for Android, we realize that there are other great good apps as well. Some of those we didn’t include in this roundup but are worth mentioning include talkbox and Kakao Talk Messenger.

Best Apps for the HTC One X

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 17th, 2012

Oh, aren’t there tons of Android apps that can be installed on a HTC One X, but of course you will want to install only those apps that will take advantage of the phone’s special capabilities among which includes its game changing superb photo capturing capabilities and its awesome sounding Beats Audio feature, to name just two.

Photaf Panorama (Free)

What can you do with the many photos you can take with the photo burst mode of the HTC One X, well you can make a panoramic photo. This app enables you to easily create beautiful, seamless 360 panoramic photos because it utilizes the camera and the orientation sensor to know the exact angle each picture was taken so it can stitch each image together to create one 360-degree photo.


Voxer Walkie-Talkie

If you find it easier to just say what you want, instead of typing, perhaps a Walkie Talkie app will interest you. Voxer turns your phone into a Walkie Talkie that also allows you to send, for free, text, photos and your locations to an individual, or group even if they aren’t on the same mobile platform as you are.
This means you can talk with your contacts from your Android to users on the iPhone, Windows Phone or even Blackberry platform. The audio is delivered to the recipient in a real-time manner, as you would expect from push-to-talk/walkie talkie solutions. Voxer works over WiFi, 3g and 4g.



Enjoy the excellent audio that comes from the HTC One X with content from one of the best Android Internet radio apps. The one and only Pandora is one of the top-rated Android Internet radio apps you can find for listening to your favorite Internet radio stations and find other great ones as well. It works on Wi-Fi and 3G as well.


Handcent SMS

You may think that the stock Android messaging app works just fine, but you will be discontented with it after using Handcent. Handcent allows you to fully customize everything about the look and feel of messages, popups and your contacts as they communicate with you.


ESPN ScoreCenter

Whether or not you like checking live game stats and box scores, or reviewing your team’s current standings, ESPN ScoreCenter will help you follow over 100 sports leagues.
You can also use the myTeams section to have instant access to your favorite teams. The app also gives you access to content from the editorial staff who will keep you informed with the latest analysis and breaking-news.


Lookout Mobile Security

While malware isn’t as prevalent on the Android platform as it is on the PC there is no doubt the underground communities will become more focused on exploiting vulnerabilities in smart phones. Protect your phone with a good antivirus and general security application.
While there are quite a few Android Antivirus apps, Lookout is without a doubt one of the best. The app will protect your Android from malware, phishing attempts, and can even help you recover the phone if it is lost or stolen.



Stick-it notes became popular because they provided a simple solution for helping us remember the things we need to do. Task Managers on mobile devices work fine for many, but the fact that they can be hidden behind the notifications system makes them too easy to forget.
ColorNote allows you to create a note and stick it as a big color square on your phone’s home screen, as a constant in-your-face reminder.



It often makes little sense to pay for a separate data connection for your phone and computer. PdaNet lets you share you phone’s Internet connection with your computer, through a PdaNet desktop client, without requiring that the phone be rooted.

The app adds no latency to your data connection so the computer will connect as fast as the phone’s Internet speed allows, whether that is EDGE or even 4G.



The HTC One Xs screen is pretty nice for watching video, but watching a movie on a mobile device will never outshine the big screen experience. Flixster helps you get instant movie times, watch trailers, read reviews and more on flicks you can watch at your local theatre. The app lets you see what movies are coming out soon, and can even help you get the movie on DVD.

Words With Friends

Those who loathe shoot-em-ups and racing games and prefer the more intellectual type may like “Words With Friends”. The game was built on the same concept as Scrabble so you must have a good vocabulary or at least have a good Scrabble solver. The game is fun and can engage you for hours.


Home Manager

While the HTC Sense interface on the HTC One S, One V, One X and One XL improves upon previous versions and is actually very good, there is no doubt that many users will want to customize their phone’s interface, if only to give it a personal touch.

Home Manager lets you manage the many launchers you download and install. In addition you will be able to specify which launcher will operate as the default, among other things.


Asphalt 6

I wish you luck trying to bog down the phone’s quad core processor, but you can try by running graphics intensive games such as Asphalt 6. The HD graphics lets you see details and animations as you speed over gravel, snow, mud and dirt, and race by the many scenic locations in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi racecar or Ducati sport bike.

If you see a fall in your HTC One’s performance, one possibility is that there is a bottleneck at your Internet connection. Use to test the download, upload and ping speeds of your connection. You can do each test in less than 30 seconds and track past tests to see trends, or troubleshoot problems.

Cut The Rope

Like many other games ‘Cut the Rope’ will look good on the phone’s 4.7″ display. The objective of this award-winning game is to feed the cute little monster (Om Nom) with candy to keep him happy.
The challenge is to cut the rope, on which candy is swinging at just the right time so the treats reach Om Nom’s mouth… this one is fun.

Android Apps for Lovers of Photography

Posted By Steve McFarlane on May 16th, 2012

Android is considered to be not only the best-selling, but also among the top two best smart phone platforms, so lovers of photography are sure to find great Android photography apps for taking superb photographs. Android photography apps should be more than just apps for taking photos; they should do what traditional point and shoot cameras can’t and in fact elicit wonder as to ‘how did I ever do without this’.

Taking photos with one’s phone is becoming more and more popular. This is clear because there is an endless supply of mobile apps to both capture and enhance pictures.

There are a few Android photo apps that are standouts and are definite must-haves for those who love using their mobile phones to take photos. Some examples of key Android photography apps include PicsArt, BeFunky, and Photo Grid.

PicArt is considered to be one of the best photo editors, especially since it offers a wide array of features which include the ability to take photos, apply drawings, magic and photo effects (i.e, flames, stickers, text effects), as well as photo filters such as HDR, Lomo, comic and red eye remover.

BeFunky is another photo app that allows users to take any photo and turn it into something more fun. Make your pictures memorable by using BeFunky to crop, adjust the brightness, hue and saturation of the photos you take. You can also add frames such as rounded corners, postage, filmstrips and winter effect.

Photo Grid is another excellent Android photo app that makes it possible to create amazing photo collages; so you can create an interesting composition from the very best shots from your last trip into a single but awesome piece. 

The Android photo apps mentioned above are just a few of the many Android photo applications that are available for photography lovers, you can explore the Photography section of our AppStore to find more apps like these — it lists only those with the highest user ratings.

What You Should Know About Cross Platform Apps

Posted By Joel Cordle on May 7th, 2012

According to a recent survey, more than 70% of the top Windows mobile apps are cross-platform. Similarly, companies like Nokia and Google have a wide range of apps that are not confined to their respective hardware platforms. Since Nokia has only recently ventured into this field, it needs to port its apps to other hardware platforms like iPhone and Android.

Considering the sudden surge of the mobile apps industry many businesses are now looking forward to deploying applications on more than one platform. This includes Apple Devices running iOS that comprise of iPhone iPod Touch, iPad and Android Phones and Tablets, Palm OS, Blackberry Smartphones, Windows 7 and Nokia OVI Store

Cross platform developers, make use of most up-to-date web technologies that includes JavaScript as well as HTML5 and CSS3. By using technologies such as these, the app developing companies can successfully deliver lucrative mobile apps that targets a much wider audience than applications targeted at a particular device or platform whether that is Android, IOS BlackBerry or any of the other popular platforms.

By opting for cross platform app technology, various companies have been able to devise iPhone apps and devices that run on a plethora of mobile platforms and devices. A fine example of cross platform app would be the messaging app WhatsApp. The app functions on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Nokia and Android. The very fact that such a wide range of operating systems use WhatsApp will surely make it difficult for other messaging apps to compete effectively especially considering the large cross platform following that the app will naturally attract.

Cross platform apps have their own share of pros and cons though, such as:


  • A major advantage of cross platform apps is there is a minimal costs to make an app cross platform compatible so there is no need to invest in multiple teams for the platform or device in question.
  • Besides the modules and plug-in for certain functions, almost all frameworks have the options to directly combine with cloud services, that includes AWS and others.


  • 3D Support and High-End Graphics is usually restricted in cross platform apps. Luckily game-centric development platforms such as Unity help in filling in the gaps.
  • Almost all cross-platform frameworks develop their own JavaScript subsets. This means if you wish to move over to another platform, the cross platform coding will not be devoid of work.

Every good cross-platform app concentrates on the platform it is being written to operate on primarily, whereas bad cross-platform apps try to look like other apps. For example, if a certain Android app has navigation, control features at the bottom of the screen, but if you try to get that same look on iOS you will be way off.

Some of the Best Android Apps Ever Invented

Posted By Joel Cordle on May 1st, 2012

Android App inventors might surely be having gala time. As compared to the iPhone Apps, there aren’t as many Android apps but when it comes to people opting for apps the Android population is growing fast.

There are tonnes of apps in all sorts of inventions and designs that are flooding the market.  Android apps can be bought from the online stores or from third-party sites and in February 2012, more than 400,000 apps were available on the Android platform.

Let us look at the best-invented android apps ever:

1. Google Voice: The Google Voice app is considerably one of the best new inventions in Android world. The app allows you use a single phone number to call up more than one device or person.

2. Amazon Kindle: You may not like the Amazon Kindle ebook reader but you would surely develop a soft spot for the Kindly mobile app. You can always read books on the go, in the metro, in the bus, at work (yeah!) and in the powder room too! Just peek at a few pages whenever you can and you have read an entire book before you know it.

3. Seesmic: Well we know you are a social network addict and if you are looking for something that can help you keep tabs on the happenings in your social networks Seesmic is perfect.

4. Astro File Manager: You are the inventive innovative kind who likes to keep everything organized right from your socks to the files in your phone. If such is the case, the Astro File Manager for your Android phone will help you out. To locate a file you simple have to navigate in your file system and voila you find it.

5. Places Directory:  If you are like shopping and cannot find your way to the scarf shop that is two blocks from your office, you can simply install the innovative Places Directory that will help you find shops as well as movie theaters, hotels, and much more in a jiffy.

Two Great Android Apps You Should Try

Posted By Guest Contributor on May 1st, 2012

You may have been bombarded with advice over which Android apps to download and start enjoying, but if you have a hunger for new software and want to get your teeth into something you have not seen before, why not give one of these  a look?

After Focus

While there are plenty of photo editing apps out there, After Focus chooses to do something a little different so that it stands apart from the Instagrams and Hipstamatics of this world.

Its killer feature is the ability to mask particular parts of an image and alter them separately from the rest. This means you can highlight elements which are in the foreground of the shot and add blurring and other effects to the background, creating instant depth of field illusions and dramatically improving even the most bland of pictures.

Like all good photo apps it has built in social networking capabilities, which means you can upload your freshly edited images to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa or Flikr at the touch of a button. There are plenty of other effects to mess around with and the results can be impressive.

You can get the free version of After Focus right now, although if you want to remove ads and unlock all of the features you will need to spend a bit of cash.

Dark Legends

If you crave a little more depth from your mobile gaming experience then it could well be provided by Dark Legends.

This is an action RPG which takes elements of online play to put you in a world where you are just a small cog in a much larger machine. Thankfully there is plenty of combat to dive into and you can either play solo or team up with friends or strangers over a network connection.

Online play can be cooperative, although you may have more fun if you pit yourself in death-match-style battles against others where you get points and loot for making an impact.

There is an in-game currency which you earn for completing tasks and slaying monsters, but the nature of this game means that you can also spend real money if you want to upgrade clothing and items faster.

The free to play model which defined Dark Legends may not be for everyone, because while the app is not going to cost you anything to download upfront, if you want to get the most out of the adventure you will need to spend at least a little of your cash to unlock digital content.

The good news is that if you invest in contract phones on deals that save you money, you will have enough spare cash each month to spend on appealing apps which will keep you entertained wherever you happen to be. There are even options for those who still would like an iPhone; take for instance the contract options from O2 that allow you to get a new iPhone on 18 and 24 terms or even a “Pay and Go” option.

iPad vs Android Tablets: Three Reasons to go Android

Posted By Sam Waites on February 24th, 2012

Android or iPad? That is the big question since Android tablets followed the launch of the iPad in 2010. But what makes consumers choose an Android over iPad even though the latter holds major market share? Apple has become a style statement and the standard bearer for ease of use, while for others it is more brand loyalty that hinders them from switching to other products. Yet, like all machines the iPad is not perfect and is lacking on some points when compared to Android devices.

Here are three reasons to go for an Android tablet vs the Apple alternative.

The Number of Choices and Features

The Android powered tablets are manufactured by a number of companies like Samsung, HP, Dell, Motorola and Asus, which ensures that there are many alternatives to the iPad.

iPads are available in a 9.7″ and 7.87″ size; on the other hand Android tablets are available in various sizes: a 7” tall Samsung and Amazon Kindle, a 9” tall LG and a 10” tall Motorola Xoom is just a small sample of the many choices that are available on the Android side.

Of course, there are 5” tablets as well, though some argue these aren’t really tablets, but rather should be placed in a category called phablets. In any case, just look at the number and variety of options that are available.

The iPad avoids multi-tasking for the purpose of saving battery life and improving performance. It is something that was finally offered by the second edition. But you will find Android tablets powered by dual-core processors that make multitasking snappy.

One thing that made some early adopters hate the original iPad was that it had no camera, which is a feature of most Android tablets – Apple only added on the second generation of the iPad. Still the quality of the camera has been kept to a minimum to ensure better overall performance of the iPad, while almost all Android tablets have front and back cameras, some of which have high-end specs.

Flash Support

If you spend a lot of time on the laptop watching video online and plan to do the same on your tablet computer then you better opt for an Android tablet especially if you access lots of Flash enabled websites. iPad does not support flash content, which is the main reason why you cannot watch all the videos or view many websites using this tablet. On the hand Androids, supports flash content, which means that you have the freedom to browse the World Wide Web with no restriction against Flash-based websites or videos. And if you have a high-speed Internet connection, choosing from any of the broadband only deals browsing the Internet becomes so easy.

Data Transfer and Storage

The only way to transfer data to the iPad is using a data cable connected to a computer and syncing it with the help of iTunes. Plus there is no memory card slot to support external storage, a feature that Apple has left off on purpose. While all Android tablets have memory card slots so that applications and videos, images, etc. can be stored on the external memory, not filling up internal memory. Plus, many Android tablets also have USB ports to enable transferring of data and files, which is a feature that both iPads do not offer.

A Reason to keep using an iPad

Even though iPad lovers may have thousands of reasons to prefer it over Android tablets they can not refute the advantages that Android has over iPad. One reason that can still keep you hooked on an iPad is the fact that Apple’s apps store has more applications than the Android Market.

Even though in the past year Android Market has increased drastically in size with the famous iPad apps also available on Android tablets. Still, the iTune holds more apps and is a very attractive feature that iPads have to offer.


The fact that the iPad is the market leader with only 2 editions competing against a host of Android tablets is an exceptional feat. However, iPad’s market share is already being eroding and expected to decrease even faster in the future if Apple doesn’t step up their game and offer something that Android tablets have not already brought in the market.

If you are interested in finding out more information about mobile phones, such as mobile phone specs, or tariff costs, then visit You can find out lots of information on their website to help you make a decision.

Roundups & Recommendations on the Best Android Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on February 20th, 2012

There is an ocean of Android apps to choose from, but with lots of great ones and some duds it can be pretty daunting trying to find the best for your phone or tablet. This is a list of the best Android apps for several different categories. Have a look at each roundup, you may be surprised at what you find.

Free Android GPS Cell Phone Trackers

Here are some of the best  cell phone tracking solutions you will find for your Android that won’t cost you a dime. These GPS trackers can do: real time tracking, on your spouse, friend, employee or child and provide information as to what they are doing on the phone and where they have been.

Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Yes, your smart phone can get viruses too. These Android antivirus apps can stop and remove spyware, malware, and viruses as well as locate lost/stolen phones.

Best Android Bible Software

A roundup of the best Android bible software. These Android bible apps include: bible readers (NIV, KJV), bible concordances, devotionals and bible study guides: Olive Tree, audio bible and free bibles for your Android.

Best Free Android Games

This is a list of some of the top-notch Android games. The list consists of arcade, puzzle, card, physics-based and other free Android games.

The Best Android Email Clients

This is a roundup of Android email clients that support POP3, and webmail services (IMAP, SMTP) and accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo.

Best Android Fitness and Workout Apps

A roundup of the most highly rated fitness and workout apps for Android phones and tablets. These apps can track your fitness level, plan exercise routines, keep a log of your BMI and other body stats.

Android Apps for Stocks, Options and Derivative Traders

Here are some must-have apps for those who actively trade stocks, options, derivatives and currencies. These trading apps have charts, technical indicators and price quotes that will free you to trade on the go.

Best Android TV Apps

With these apps you can watch live television, and streaming videos and movies for free.

Top 5 Android Apps for Music Lovers

If you are a music lover you will dig these apps. This review list includes a music recognition app, a powerful Android music app with equalizer features, and a radio and iTunes remote controller.

The Best Android Expense Tracker Apps, Hands Down

A review of top-rated Android expense managers, expense tracking, budget tracking and expense reporting apps.

How to Choose an Android Cell Phone Signal Amplifier

Posted By Lia Robbinson on January 11th, 2012

Always staying in-touch is very important for a modern man and mobile phones help us in this case, but where can one find a solution to the widespread problem of weak cell phone signal strength that plagues most wireless technologies today, including Android devices? A option is an Android signal booster or repeater.

GSM repeaters solve the problem of absent mobile communication on your Android very quickly and effectively. You can install a cell phone signal amplifier wherever you have problems with getting a signal, whether it is in the basement, the shop, your office or the car. Moreover, it is possible to find good equipment even if you are on a budget, which is an important matter for many consumers.

Choosing an Android Signal Booster

If you have already decide that an Android cellular signal repeater is a must have technology, you will next need to choose exactly which one is right for you.

Today the market offers a variety of models at different prices.

  • If you need to amplify mobile signals in a small house, you should choose a repeater that covers an area between 80m2 and 150m2.
  • To increase the signal in industrial buildings or big houses, choose an amplifier that can cover an area between 300m2 and 1200m2.

Your choice should also take into consideration the frequency that your mobile operator uses. So before buy a repeater for your Android get this information from your cell phone service provider or check the frequencies that the phone operates on; usually you can find this information on the technical support page of the company’s website.

There is also a 3g booster you can use if your Internet connection is unstable; what can be better than always having a reliable Internet service that enables you to check on the latest news or simply chat with your friends? However, your choice of mobile repeaters should also take into consideration the area the repeater will need to serve and the cell phone frequencies that your cellular service provider uses. If you need to strengthen Internet and phone signal on your Android simultaneously, a dual band cellular cell phone amplifier will help you.

Frequent travelers and those who move a lot, the best choice would be a GSM or a 3G mobile repeater that is specifically designed for use in automobiles. It will allow Android owners to always be within range of a network where possible.

Cell phone signal boosters kits usually have all the elements that you need to install the device, so installation shouldn’t take up much time, it’s very easy and clear; only follow the instruction. However, in some cases you may need to complement your Android mobile repeater kit with accessories such as splitters (if you want to distribute a mobile signal to a larger number of rooms in your house) and antennas for a more powerful signal amplification.

If you select the right Android signal booster in no time missed calls and weak Internet service will be a thing of the past.

Amazon Android Tablet: A iPad Killer?

Posted By Alia Haley on December 23rd, 2011

Every time a new tablet is launched you hear stories about it being an iPad killer. Perhaps, it is the ubiquitous position of the gadget itself that makes people compare every new product with it and wonder whether it can be knocked from its “numero uno” position. But this time it looks like competition will be fiercer as Apple has to compete with a more established competitor, Amazon.

Features and Specifications

Amazon recently launched its 7-inch, multi-touch, Android tablet, called as Kindle Fire. The Amazon Kindle tablet comes with a starting price of $199, which should be luring to the majority of potential tablet customers. The question that may be lurking in your mind is, “what makes the Kindle Fire a tablet killer?”

Apple has developed an ecosystem in last few years, which has helped it in becoming the market leader. Factors that have helped iPad in becoming a success is the control over the software, intuitive user-interface and rich multimedia content for users in the form of audio, video and apps. Kindle Fire to some extent, offers similar advantages, but at a lower price.
Amazon itself has developed a content ecosystem over the years that offer thousands of e-books, apps, audio, video and more. In addition, Amazon has drawn on its retail experience and so should be able to make profits from the low-cost tablet in the long run.

Amazon has developed its own Appstore that will host a number of social networking, business and entertainment-based apps. The gadget currently is based on Android 2.3, Gingerbread and offers hardware that is comparable to iPad 2, in many respects. It offers a 1Ghz dual core processor with a 512 MB RAM, which promises performance comparable to the iPad. The Amazon Kindle tablet has the resolution of 1024 X 600 pixel with pixel-density of 169 pixels per inch, which in-turn is higher than the iPad. Besides these specs, it offers extra-wide viewing angle and a vibrant display with 16-million colors. Its multi-touch display is highly responsive and offers fast web browsing.

Unique to the Amazon Kindle

Amazon has compensated for the Kindle Fire’s low internal memory of 8 GB, with unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content and 5 GB free storage for non-Amazon content. Other impressive features include Whispersync synchronization, which delivers e-books, music, videos and more directly to your tab. It also has support for Adobe Flash and Amazon Prime that offers unlimited streaming of movies, shows and free unlimited two-day shipping of products from Amazon for just $79/year.

However, Amazon also trimmed some quintessential features from its tablet to make it economical and this may not impress feature-oriented consumers. The tablet doesn’t come with 3G or a camera, which means no video chatting. While most manufacturers are moving to 10-inch tablets, Amazon has decided to stick with 7-inch tablet; however, it is expected to launch a 10-inch tablet with additional features in the first quarter of 2012.

According to the market research, Kindle Fire is destined to become the second most popular tablet after iPad. Amazon enjoys the advantage of offering an already set-up content rich ecosystem to its consumers, which is comparable to what the iPad has to offer. As this comes at a much lower price than the iPad, the price conscious consumer might switch to Kindle Fire in the long run, if the tablet meets most of their basic needs. However, it is only the sales figures of Kindle Fire that will tell us, whether it turned out as a success or not.

Android Apps for Professional Photographers

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 26th, 2011

This is a roundup of Androids photography apps for professionals. While professionals are unlikely to use their phones as their primary camera, they can still use their phones as a training tool, a photo editor and a tool to add special photo effects.

Photography Trainer

This is a must have app for photographers, especially those who want to improve and or are just learning the art. Whether you want to do night, sports, landscapes, portraits or architecture photography, this app guides you with step-by-step instructions on how to setup a camera to take perfect photos. The application helps photographers to truly understand shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings.

The learning progress is further enhanced with the inclusion of dozens of sample photos along with tutorials and tips to help you setup the camera to achieve the same results as the sample photos.  In our opinion $1.99 is a small price to pay for photography training. It is not the same as going to digital photography school, but it does an awesome job for only $1.99.

QR code

Photography Calculator

This is an Android photography app for advance photographers. This app can calculate the depth of field (DoF) details and the hyperfocal distance for the given parameters, has a 1,500 plus camera database, can measure focal length, aperture, and subject distance. It’s also has a field of view (FoV) calculator that can calculate the photo count to compose a panoramic photograph.

QR code

Sundroid Sunrise Sunset Pro

Sundroid calculates sunrise, sunset, twilight, length of day, golden hours, moonrise & moonset times for any corner of the globe you can find yourself. While this app is great for hunters, Sabbath keepers and astronomers, it also makes a good resource for photographers as well, especially those who do sunset and sunrise weddings. In that it can help you plan how to handle the unique lighting conditions that are present at sunset and sunrise.

Features include:

  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Solar noon
  • Civil, nautical and astronomical twilight times
  • Golden hours
  • Length of daylight
  • Notifications for all events
  • Azimuths of rise and set
  • Moonrise and moonset times plus moon phase
  • Monthly calendar views showing difference for each day
  • Daily summaries
  • Four home screen widgets

QR code

Get HDR on Your Android with these Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 25th, 2011

Real life scenes often have a wide range of light intensity, which are challenging for a camera to naturally handle and do justice to – well-lit scenes have a tendency to look washed out, while inadequately lit scenes tend to look dark, shadowy and lacking in detail.

The HDR photography technique allows the photographer to capture details in bright and dark areas and have them merged into a single photo. This technique is widely used by professional photographers but can be used on Android phones once they have a HDR app.

HDR requires that several photos be taken at different exposures and then be precisely aligned and fused to create a stunningly rich image.

Owing to the fact that some time elapses between shooting each image, a good HDR solution must compensate for moving objects and the inevitable shaking of the camera.  Without this compensation the final image will include some ghosting/fuzziness.

Here are some Android HDR apps that have a powerful algorithm that makes HDR a feasible solution on mobile phones.

HDR Camera+

HDR Camera+ needs a zooming option and depending on your phone’s processing prowess it may be a bit slow, but if you are willing to tweak the settings a bit you may just be able to produce some stunning photos.

Some of the app’s best features include:

  • Real HDR: exposure bracketing and tone mapping
  • Simple: take a HDR image in one tap
  • HDR images fused and tone mapped on device within seconds
  • Hand shake compensation
  • Correct handling of moving objects, de-ghosting
  • You can control tone-mapping parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color vividness, exposure
  • Save original exposure bracketed images
  • Location tagging
  • Option to mute the annoying shutter sound can be muted
  • Support for Flash on/off/auto

QR code

Camera360 Free

This is one of the top-rated Android camera and photo-editing app, and rightly so – it can apply effects such as: LOMO, Retro Effect, Dreamlike Effect, Art of Black and White. If you find its many types of effect a bit much, do a long press to get more information on each effect.

The HDR effect itself produces great looking images. It also includes Unique Funny Mode: Effects like Surrealistic B&W Paining, Vertical/Horizontal Left Symmetry, Vertical/ Horizontal Right Symmetry, Ghost are available.

QR code

PicsIn Magic Effects

This free Android HDR app has many effects such as Stenciler, Cartoonizer, Sketcher, Orton, Lomo, Vintage, Cross Process, HDR, Fattal, Pencil, Holgaart and more. Good as a standalone as well as complimentary to Picsin Photo, Draw and Share app.

QR code

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How to Install and Uninstall Android Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 22nd, 2011

It goes without saying that it’s the quality of apps that contribute the most to the Android experience. So it is quite understandable that one of the first tasks new Android owners set themselves is that of finding useful and entertaining apps to install.

In this Android app installation guide we hope to provide clear instructions on how one goes about installing and uninstalling Android apps.

In essence, there are two ways to install apps on an Android. The most common and easy way is to use the Android marketplace. The Android Marketplace is basically an app directory that lists a majority of the Android applications that are available.

However there are apps that aren’t available in the Marketplace – to install those you will need to see the Android APK Installation Guide.

How to Install Android Apps Using the Market

Installing Android apps is a relatively simple process once you are using the Android market:

  1. Ensure that you have Internet connectivity, then use the Applications Menu, to open the Android Marketplace
  2. Browse the many apps and games that are listed there, or use the search field to quickly find a specific app. Look at the ratings, descriptions and screen shots then make a decision on which apps you want to install
  3. Click on the application you are interested in to view more details; after you have made a decision to install the app simply click the “Install” button towards the bottom of the screen
  4. The next screen outlines what the app needs to work. If you are OK with the permissions that the app requires, agree to the terms and it should start installing.

How to Install Android Apps from a PC  

Without a question, using a PC is better way to explore the Android Market than using a phone. You can log into your Google account from your PC and then search the Android Marketplace for apps.

Once you find the apps you like, click “INSTALL” and they will be sent directly to, and installed on the phone or tablet you had specified under “MY Devices”.

How to Uninstall Android Apps

Inevitably you’ll find apps on your device that you don’t need or want.  Whether you’ve decided to do some house cleaning, simply want to remove your least favorite apps or just want to get rid of some troublemakers, there will come a time when you will need to uninstall apps.

Here is what you will need to do in order to uninstall Android apps.

  • Open the Google Android “Menu”
  • Click “Settings” then “Applications”
  • Next, click on “Manage”, a list of installed apps should appear

Select what you want to uninstall and then click “Uninstall”.

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How to Use Off-Market APK Files to Install Android Apps

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 22nd, 2011

Even though the Android Market is the best place to discover Android applications, there are still lots of apps that aren’t listed there. That may be the case if the developer hasn’t gone through the trouble of listing the app yet or the app may have been removed for some reason.

In some instances you may be able to find, download and install an off-market copy of the app, which is normally packaged in the APK file.

Installing Off-market APK Apps from PC

There is more than one way to install Android APK files. For example, you can copy the APK to the SD card and use ASTRO file manager to browse for the APK and install it.


You can use a simpler solution that involves using the free service found at; it has a 30 MB APK file limit, but it works well.

Before you start, you may need to change a setting on your Android so you can install from non-Market sources. Click “Menu” > “Settings” > “Applications” and then select “Unknown Sources”.

Using the APKinstall service:

  • Download the app’s APK onto your computer
  • From the same computer, visit this website, and click  “Browse files”; select the APK you had downloaded
  • The website will upload the file and create a QR code for you to scan
  • To install the app, use your Android’s QR code scanner to scan the code. Please note that you must scan the code within 15 minutes of uploading the APK file to the site, otherwise the download to your phone will fail. This is because the file is deleted from the website after 15 minutes
  • If you don’t get onscreen directions from here on, click the “Open browser” button, to download the app onto your Android
  • Tap on the downloaded app to install it, then the “Install” button to complete the process.

The app should now be installed and ready for you to start using.

Tip: If your phone is set to block the installation of apps that aren’t sourced from the Market you may get an error message saying: “Install blocked; For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not sourced in Android Market”

To work around this issue try rooting the phone. A great place to find the instructions for doing so can be found at the XDA forum.
Sources: TechJournal, APKinstall

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Personalise your Phone with these 10 Amazing Android Applications

Posted By Kate Wilson on September 14th, 2011

The iOS platform seems to be having all the media attention these days, and the huge headway made by Android is not getting the attention it deserves. With more than 250,000 apps in the market for Android phones and tablets the number are a bit less than the total number of iPhone apps (counting 425,000 and increasing), in any case there is an Android app to suit almost any purpose.

The long term potential of Android cannot be underestimated and there are some fine applications present in the apps market; you can personalize your Android phone with the following:

Urbanspoon – If you require restaurant suggestion for your current location, the Urbanspoon app is a great resource to have. All you need to do is type the attributes of the food you are looking for and the app will give you a list of recommendations. For example, the query terms ‘bristo’ or ‘moderate price’ can yield a list of restaurants providing food in that category. You also get map-based directions along with food reviews and contact information for each food establishment that the app recommends. This Anroid application is free.

Google Search – It helps in saving a lot of time, and the voice search functionality has made it even simplier and easy to use. All you have to do is speak what you are searching for and the results will be displayed within seconds. It is now easy to search Wikipedia or a retailer at a given location. The application is absolutely free. Google Maps are also there to help you. It provides turn-by-turn instructions for your navigation and touring queries. If used on other platforms, it would cost around 10 dollars.

Evernote – This app can easily synchronize your Android with your personal computer and can work as a personal assistant. It displays the notes, photos and voice memos taken by the smartphone when you open the synchronized PC and click Evernote. At $45, an unlimited amount of information can be stored and the free version also stores a fair amount of information.

Google Sky Map – Celestial bodies are often invisible when viewed with the naked eye, but Google Sky Map can reveal them, even in broad daylight. It is one of the most fun-filled Adnroid applications, it can name almost any celestial body in the sky when you point the phone towards it. Thus, the sky map is used for celestial labeling, research and discovery of planets, stars and constellations.

Slacker – for getting catalogue on songs, slacker is highly useful. You can also download your favorite songs with the help of the application and listen to them offline. The trial is free, but $4 is required for monthly usage.

FX Camera – Provides filters and tools for editing the photos and sharing them on Facebook.

Remotedroid – The use of this application can convert the phone into a mouse and a wireless track-pad. The tiny keyboard may not be suitable for inputting lots of text, but if the PC lacks a track-pad or mouse, this application can make your day. The application is absolutely free.

Cardio-trainer – This fitness centric application can track your calorie intake and consumption and can also track and manage your fitness regimen. It is better than most fitness regimen apps found either on Symbian or iOS platforms and comes free of cost. The music management toll gives fresh fitness tunes each time it is used.

Soundhound – One of the best showoff apps on the Android market, it can recognize any song when you hum it and finds lyrics and videos of the song on Youtube. The free version allows you to identify 5 songs a month while at $5/pm an unlimited number of songs can be identified.

Google Shopper – Another useful application which saves many dollars by providing better prices while Shopping online or a store near your location. All you need is to scan the bar code. When the scan does not work, speaking the name of the products also show results.

The Quickoffice Mobile Suite – It makes MS-Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents available and editable on Android cell phones. It can be termed as one of the best application in terms of office usage and helps you in working away from your office. The application costs a modest $10.

So, now you have the list of applications that are must have in an Android phone. So, add these amazing applications to have great mobile experience.

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5 Popular Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S 2

Posted By Guest Contributor on September 13th, 2011

Samsung has recently added another phone to the long list of great phones that they currently have on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 has become very popular in a very short amount of time and now users are looking for new and exciting apps that can keep up with those offered by the competition because let’s face it, no one wants a smartphone that has no apps.

Samsung has some apps that they themselves have created and have made available for purchase, but there is also a large number of apps that can be downloaded free of charge in a matter of minutes. Listed below are some popular Samsung Galaxy S 2 apps.

1.       Blinkx App – this is currently the world’s largest video search engine on the market today. It was not always a part of Samsung’s apps but in recent news it was announced that Samsung would be adding this to their list of available apps. It seems that the company understands how many people want this app and they also see that there is money to be made by having people pay for the app.

2.       Pocket Legends – If you want to play games on your smartphone you must down the Pocket Legends app immediately. This is the largest massive multiplayer online games in the app world today. Using this app allows you to choose and customize your own character, pursue a quest and upgrade your stats with just the touch of a button. You can play with friends or find random players online. This is a free app which makes it even better. You will not be disappointed when you download this app.

3.       Amazon MP3 – purchasing music online from Amazon has just been made easier with the Amazon MP3 app. The app is free but the music is not. However, each day you will be presented with a free song as well as a list of that day’s most popular downloads for you to browse. This app also lets you know what the deals of the day are.

4.       E-Reader Application – why spend money on a fancy e-reader when you can download the app onto your phone and read your books from there. The app is free to download and you can choose to either purchase books or download the books that have been provided for free. The great thing about using this app on your Galaxy S 2 is that it supports color formats as well; this is something that not even all e-readers can do.

5.       TV Remote App – Are you a person who is constantly looking for the remote for the television? If this is the case then you will need to download the TV remote app onto your phone. The app uses Wi-Fi to connect to the 2010 Samsung TV models. You can download this app in seconds and never have to worry about losing the remote again.

Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur and has been making a living online for over 12 years. He has been totally free from the 9 to 5 rat race since 1998 and enjoys every moment of it! He also writes articles on many subjects including the Nook Color Review.

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eBay for Android app Review

Posted By Steve McFarlane on September 12th, 2011

The eBay Android app, like the web version of the site, can be used to search for, watch and purchase eBay listings. The app can also be used to create new listings with options to easily pre-populate some fields of new listings.

The app makes a reasonable attempt give the user easy access to items they are currently watching or bidding on, and will even raise alerts when you are being outbid, or an auction item you are interested in will be closing soon.

Creating or revising a listing is easy. Use the integrated scanner to capture the barcode of an item you want to sell and it will pre-populate the fields it can. Of course you can also enter the bits of information (including photos) that should be included in the item’s profile as well. The app also enables you to provide more responsive customer support by providing you with instant access to all your eBay related notifications and messages in one place.

Some notable features include:

  • Search by category, condition, price range, buying format and more
  • List, relist or revise items
  • Easy access to My eBay
  • Pay with PayPal (available in US, UK, AU and CA)
  • Voice-enabled search
  • Save your favorite searches
  • Scan a barcode to find matching items or pre-fill listing details when posting an item for sale
  • Receive notifications when an item you are watching is ending soon or you’ve been outbid
  • View seller ratings and recent feedback
  • View a seller’s other listings
  • Use eBay messaging to communicate with buyers and sellers
  • Access to 15 eBay sites worldwide
  • Support for 5 languages – English, French, Italian, German and Spanish

What we don’t like

One of the first things you will notice upon opening this app is just how committed eBay is to dull and ugly interfaces. Sure you can argue that the app gives the eBay user what they want without the fancy, but still, the app could be more pleasing to the eye.

There are some issues you may experience if you are not a U.S-based user. You wont be able to list, relist or revise items using anything other than eBay US and eBay UK for now; support for other sites is promised at a later time. Install eBay for Android

Also have a look at these phones apps you can make money with. The article reveals some uncommon ways you can make money with your smart phone.

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Can this App Prevent you from Getting Brain Cancer?

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 23rd, 2011

Whether you think it is a scare tactic that overly sensitive environmentalists use to make us uncomfortable using our phones, or you genuinely believe that cell phone use can cause brain cancer, we are sure you have wondered if there is some truth to the claim that cell phones can actually cause health issues.


We just came across an interesting app called tawkon that can measure your Android phone’s radiation level and even warn you to switch to speakerphone or use a headset when the radiation levels are too high or are reaching unsafe levels.


In addition to giving alerts, this Android radiation app also charts how much radiation you have been exposed to during the last call, over the past week, month and so on.  The app even reports how much radiation you were exposed to based on the phone’s orientation, bluetooth and speakerphone use. The app is free and can be download using this QR code.


See the radiation meter in action below:

HTC Evo 3D Smart Phone Review

Posted By Steve McFarlane on August 18th, 2011

It seems as if 3D is everywhere, so it was only a matter of time before the technology made its way into smartphones. The HTC Evo 3D is one of the first phones to support the technology, continue reading to see what we think of it.

Design and Features

Looking at the phone you are left with no doubt that this is an updated version of the Evo 4G.  At 5-inches tall, by 2.6-inches wide, by 0.48-inches thick, the handset is approximately the same size as its predecessor, and at and 6-ounces it is slightly lighter too (the Evo 4G weighs 6.2 ounces).

The phone boasts a 1.2GHZ dual core processor, the Android Gingerbread OS; a glasses-free 3D display and the ability to capture 3D photos and videos with its 5-megapixel camera. If you plan on capturing a lot of media with this phone you will need to purchase more storage, owing to the fact the it only allots 1GB of the available 4GB internal storage to user content, even so, the phone ships with only a 8GB microSD cards. Fortunately, the expansion slot supports up to 32GB cards.

The phone can capture 1080p HD video in 2D and 720p in 3D; the dual LED flash also helps the phone take great photos in less than ideal lighting. In addition, the phone has support for Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS and is 4G capable with the ability to simultaneously handle voice and data; if 4G isn’t available the phone will use 3G instead.


The main selling point of the phone, in the eyes of many consumers, is the fact that it has a glasses-free 3D display. HTC managed to create the 3D effect by displaying two images, one on top of the other, using a parallax barrier. The resulting effect is that viewing 3D content on the device causes images to appear to pop-out from the screen, a very impressive feature indeed.

Nevertheless, we think that the 3D feature is not for everyone. In fact, 3D displays have been known to cause some viewers to become nauseous. Even if it doesn’t make you nauseous, you may be disappointed by the limited view angle when viewing 3D content.

The overall image quality of the 4.3-inch qHD (540×960-pixel resolution) Super LCD display is awesome though. We think you will be impressed by how good text and images look on this smart phone, but the display really pops when used to view 3 dimensional content.


With 4G capabilities and a 1.2GHZ dual core processor, you would expect the phone to perform well, and it does. Video playback was good, though there were some glitches when we play some 3D video. Otherwise, the phone was quite responsive, regardless of what app we threw at it.

We think that Sprint has a hit on their hands with this Android. No doubt, many will buy the phone for its 3D capability, but even if the novelty of the 3D display wears off quickly, most users will still be happy with the phones superb performance, especially if they get extra storage. You can buy the HTC Evo 3D from Sprint for $199 with a 2-year contract. If you want to use the phone as a mobile hotspot you will need to spend an additional $29.99 per month for the service; don’t worry there is no data cap.

HTC Evo 3D Specs

  • CDMA/WiMax
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) / HSDPA 900/1700/2100 (Tri-band)
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system
  • Wireless Interface IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, Bluetooth 3.0, IEEE 802.11n, WiMAX
  • 5-megapixels camera
  • Video recorder resolutions 1920 x 1080 (1080p), 1280 x 720 (720p)
  • 3D video recording
  • Lithium ion battery with a 1730 mAh capacity; up to 450 min talk time and up to 355 hours standby Time
  • Connector Type -1 Micro-USB, 1 Headset jack – Mini-phone 3.5 mm and 1 HDMI
  • User Memory 4 GB
  • 4.3 in color Super LCD display with 960 x 540 pixels resolution
  • 3D content sharing through HDMI
  • DLNA Certified
  • TV-out via HDMI