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By Steve McFarlane

Using job search apps is a convenient way for job seekers to find prospective jobs from the convenience of their cell phone, whether they are using an Android, iPhone or Blackberry. Using your phone is actually a great job search technique because job search apps have access to large databases of job listings that can give you the advantage of finding and applying for coveted opportunities first. So whether you are searching for IT Jobs in India or employment opportunities in New York, here is how you can use your smart phone to find your next job for free.

Job Search
This app is highly rated by job seekers because it makes it easy to sort through, locate and assimilate thousands of jobs based on your preferences such as location, job title, company and a host of other parameters. Jobs are listed from popular job sites such as Monster and Career Builder as well as public and private companies.Job Search - job search with a cell phone

The coolest feature of this job search software is the way it breaks down the search process into categories such as salary range, job type and proximity to the user’s current location so that job hunters can sort through the thousands of openings that are specific to their location or preferred work area.

Job Search HireADroid
This is the Android app to have for doing some serious job searching.  HireADroid has loads of features and a simple JobSearch HireADroid - Find a job with your phoneuser interface to help you find that dream job. The developers tout it as the only app that supports multiple job search engines like Indeed, Careerbuilder, Simplyhired and Linkup. If you find something you like, you can save it to your favorites, send an email or tweet the opportunity. Hence, you can find a job and even apply for the position right from the convenience of your phone. In addition, this app features jobs in multiple countries, so non-US residents can use it to find jobs too.

Job Search Engine
Using the LinkUp search engine is a great way to find unadvertised jobs in that it links directly to company and Job Search Engine - Online job search resourcesemployer’s websites; this makes the listings always up-to-date and never fake.  Thus LinkUp is an extremely resourceful job-searching tool for those who are fed up with scams and frauds in the job-hunting market, and now the employment search engine has a Droid app to its credit. There are quite a few benefits to using this app too: it allows you to get email alerts when a job is available (or its status changes) and you have RSS access to jobs you saved as your favorites. Unfortunately, it’s only available to US job seekers.

You may have asked at one time or another, “how can I find local jobs in my area?” JobCompass is an awesome job JobCompass - Jobs in my area that are hiringsearch software you can use to solve that problem. It is great for filtering millions of jobs postings and to find the ones that are relevant to you based on the job’s location. What makes JobCompass unique is its patented feature that shows you job openings via a map-view in real-time so you can see where the opportunities are and it even allows you to mark your favorites and then apply. The app features jobs from the USA, Canada and United Kingdom, but the developers promise to add more countries soon. JobCompass is simply a great way of finding employers in your area that are hiring.

U.S. Hot Job Search
This Android app is a great tool for job seekers in the USA. It offers the option of searching for a variety of jobs in any US city, with its city-by-city lookup feature. It has more than 20 job categories listed and boasts a simple user U.S. Hot Job Search - employment opportunities Los Angeles New -York-interface that makes searching for a job that much easier.

There are always job opportunities (both part time and full time), but you need the right tools to sort through the mountain of listings to find and quickly apply to the ones that are right for you. It is quite fascinating that you can use a smart phone to see a map of employment opportunities in your area, and greater still that you can use the phone to apply for those jobs. There are quite a few smart phone applications that are available for job seekers; we covered the top free ones for Android phones but there are iPhone and Blackberry alternatives available too.

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