Android Apps for Stock Traders

By Steve McFarlane

Mobile trading application allow traders and investors to check what is happening in the market and take advantage of trading opportunities even while they are away from their trading stations.

While some brokers offer proprietary stock trading applications, there are options that are available to all, whether or not one has a paid or funded account at a stock, currency, options or derivatives broker.  Here are some of the best-rated Android apps for stock market traders and investors who use Android phones and Tablets.

Stock Watcher (free)

This Android stock app covers markets in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, India and Canada. It is really a trading application for those who are technical traders, in that the app offers line, bar charts and candlesticks on which you can apply RSI, ROI, exponential moving average and moving average indicators. If you combine technical and fundamental analysis, you will be happy to know that the app can be used to access financial news via RSS. It is worth mentioning that the app has delayed price quotes so it may not be a good fit for day trading.

Stocks (free)

With this intuitively named app you can view a long list of quotes from your portfolio, analyze related charts and review general trading information (bid, ask, opening and closing prices) on the instruments that you have an interest in. This app syncs with Google Finance so you will have access to all the must have info that is necessary for you to effectively manage your portfolios, view stock charts, monitor price quotes as well as view company news.  This apps support markets in US, Canada, UK, HK, Japan etc. 

Stock Alert (free)

Whether or not you trade for fun or you do it full time, it is virtually impossible to monitor the market 24/7, which is why having a price alert tool in your trading kit can be so invaluable. You can use the app to set price alerts for stocks and currencies or place  its stock market widgets on your home-screen so you don’t need to open the app to see what is going on. Unfortunately, the version we reviewed made false alarms. Thankfully there is a free version you can test drive to see if the app will suit your trading needs.

USAA Mobile (free)

This app can be regarded as a jack-of-all-trades. Not only can you manage you personal finances (deposit a check, pay bills and check your account balance) you can also use USAA to manage you insurance policy and to trade stocks as well.  The app can be used to view real-time stock quotes, market activities as well as place trades when the right opportunity presents itself.

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Although not free, I use InvestControl because it has support for other assets like mutual funds and bonds, and can extract prices from web pages, what is very useful for commodities.


A new app that work fast and give you more data;

the main feature here is fully ics UI (even on gingerbread)
and Show 10 year summary of main key statics parameters, Among them EPS, BVPS, ROIC.
and even give you an estimated PRICE TARGET from leading Analyst companies.

steven b

exactaly how many indicators are on these phones?i like stochastics,charts1min,create trendlines, are these indicators offered in any of the smart phones


A good app for tracking your stock purchases
and personal tracking is MySpy on google play

View full features from

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