The Best Android Expense Tracker Apps, Hands Down

By Steve McFarlane

Whether you need to keep a record of your business expenses, to give your accountant at the end of your business trip, or you need to build a budget and track how well you are following it, keeping tabs on how much one spends and has to spend is essential to effective management of your financial affairs. If you use an Android phone or Tablet, we believe that the following are among the best Android expense trackers you can find.

Expensify – Expense Reports

One of the most hated activities of some employees and business owners is manually entering their expense from paper receipts and credit card transactions into spreadsheets.  With Expensify you never have to handle paper receipts or enter data manually again. If like most persons you charge your expenses to a credit card, you can link the card to an Expensify account and it will pull all the relevant information from your account so you can generate expense reports to submit to the accountant.

You can also capture spending details from receipts by using the app as a receipt scanner. Once you have scanned the receipt, send it to Expensify for it to be added to your account; this expense management app also handles ereceipts, and can also record cash transactions as well.  Install/QR Code

Best of all, your expenses can be exported to Quickbooks, Freshbooks, or use the app’s ereceipts for tax purposes (valid for transactions that are $75 and less). Expensify is free for personal use. If, on the other hand, you have a business you can accept expense reports from up to two employees free of charge, but you pay $5 for each additional employee that submits an expense report with Expensify. This is definitely one of the best Android expense apps you will find. Install/QR Code


Here is a great way to replace all your expense spreadsheets with one easy to use daily expense manager that is accessible from your phone. You can track all your expenses by any category you decide to use as well as track how much you are spending against the budgets you had set. You can specify how much you want to spend for each budget (lunch, groceries, clothes etc) as well as how long the budget will last and whether or not the balance is to be restarted at the beginning of each month or on your pay day. Once you have your budgets setup, the app will show you a graphic representation of how much you have already spent and how much you have left. You can also view daily, weekly or monthly reports of your spending habits to see how you are doing over time.

Sure you will need to manually enter all transactions, unlike Expensify, but fortunately the app does make it easy for you to quickly enter a new transaction from a widget on the home screen. Financisto’s strong point is its ability to be used to quickly record your expenses, apply the transaction to a budget and report on where you have been spending the money. The fact that the app is a free and does what it was designed to do very well, makes it an easy Android expense tracker to recommend. Install/QR Code


If you are looking for an easy way to create and track your income and expenses this may be the personal finance app you have been looking for. You enter each of your expense items under a user-defined category along with a description of what the item is, the amount you spent, the date and whether or not the item will be repeated. During the budgetary period (month, week etc.), you can use the charts to see what categories you are spending the most money in along with how much you have overshot your budget or indeed how much you may have left to spend. Install/QR Code


This app is more than just an Android expense tracker, Mint offers one of the most powerful personal finance applications for managing your savings, investment, credit and debit cards in one place. Once you link your banking, investing and credit card accounts to Mint, it will show you all the transactions that are executed on your accounts and even give you alerts when bills are due, spending activities are beyond the normal levels and when you are being charged hidden fees.

Mint also helps you to save money on your loans, credit cards and bank accounts. In fact, Mint will analyze your accounts to see if there are any other financial institutions that can save you money and make those recommendations to you. There are tons of other features this app has that can help you manage your expenses, stay within your budget and avoid being overcharged. Install/QR Code

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I’ve just published an app for personal expense tracking called simply “Receipts”.

The main feature is that numbers are automatically recognized avoiding the need to type values (which we all know is cumbersome). Recognition is done on the phone so pictures of your receipts never leave your phone (as opposed to similar apps that do recognition on servers).

Check it out at


This may sound like a rookie question but do any of the apps above allow access from other devices, similar to how Evernote does with notes?


Try Droid Money, it’s the best expense tracker I ever tried. It’s so easy to use and it makes it so fast to enter your expenses.


I miss Rudder. I just want something that takes my current checking account balance, subtracts my current credit card balances, planned savings, and upcoming recurring bills, and tells me WHAT’S LEFT. Mint has all this stuff on different screens–I still need scratch paper or the calculator open to get to WHAT’S LEFT. I don’t care about tracking my budget in seventeen different categories. If I only have $8 to spend between now and the end of the month, I don’t care about what category still has the money. I just want to know, do I really have the money for this thing sitting in front of me that I’m thinking of buying.

Is this really such a crazy notion?

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