The Best Android Email Clients

By Steve McFarlane

Most new Androids come with Gmail and another mail client that is simply called mail. While Gmail only handles emails from its namesake Google email service (Gmail), the generic client (Mail) can handle multiple accounts, but has a limited feature-set.  In this article, we will be looking at other Android email clients that can replace the stock Droid email clients and can also handle multiple POP3, IMAP and other webmail services.

If you are looking for a good messaging application it may be worth your while to checkout WhatsApp, at least until Blackberry releases its Android BBM app. Otherwise, here are some of the best email Android clients.

K-9 Mail

This is an open source email client that can also combine POP3 and Gmail emails into a single Inbox. K-9 can display webmail emails in a folder and POP3 mails in another, which makes it possible for the user to eliminate the need for using the stock Gmail app and a separateK-9 Mail - Android Email Client email client to handle other types of emails. It is also possible to combine different types of email into one folder, if that is preferred. The app allows the user to still identify what service the message is coming from by using color-coded system.

Not everyone likes the way the app looks, but owing to the fact that it has a large number of customization options, users can change things to make it their own. Some customization options include: the ability to change the date format, font size, gestures controls, animations, theme, background syncing and debug logging.  You can download and install the app using this QR code.


This is a push email client that can handle POP3/IMAP and SMTP mail servers. ProfiMail can also view, save and send attachments while allowing for the viewing of images in popular formats such as JPG and PNG. Other notable features include:ProfiMail Email Client

  • Support for IMAP folders
  • Support for HTML messages with images and hyperlinks
  • Built-in File Explorer
  • Support for character encoding – Western, Cyrillic, Central European, and more
  • Build-in image viewer for JPG, PNG and other popular formats
  • Text viewer for standard text, HTML and Word documents
  • Selective message filtering and downloading (via rules)
  • Opens and browses ZIP archives
  • Access Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, and other webmail accounts
  • Push email – instant notification about new messages (using IMAP IDLE)
  • Address book
  • Signatures
  • Multiple email accounts support
  • Scheduled message download
  • Sound notifications

You can install the ProfiMil using this QR code.

There are other good email clients such as Improved Email, and MailDroid, but we believe that the extensive feature-set of K-9 Mail is superior to these. If you know of other good email clients for that Android platform that you think we should have included in this roundup, please let us know about it in the comment section below.

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16 Responses to “The Best Android Email Clients”


Why wasn’t Maildroid even mentioned?


Oops, I should have said “reviewed.” While it was indeed mentioned, after researching e-mail clients for my HTC Thunderbolt, it appears that Maildroid deserves a review. I’ve been hardpressed to find a user that prefers K-9 over Maildroid and some even suggested that K-9 caused non-email related problems.

cityville guy

apparently because this is a biased review. they mention No others …. K9 owned prob.

cityville guy

why have spam protection if u review the replies anyways


No mention of Moxier Mail? This isn’t very complete at all. Of course I don’t know if Moxier mail will work with POP3 servers, but it is still worth using as your business email if you are looking for that.

Steve McFarlane

Thanks for the input Anthony, but the objective of this blog is not to mention all the the good apps. Instead we just want to highlight the very best.

Jeff Cotrupe

I started with K9 Mail for a week…right up until it emailed a duplicate reply 85 times to the same recipient. So I switched to Mail Droid, loved it, tweeted about it, etc. for about a year. However…MailDroid, even when configured to delete old messages/clear cache every day or two, has turned into molasses and I got sick of waiting 20 seconds for an email to open so I could actually READ it. So I just loaded Secure9 Mail, which they say is based on K9 but with some tweaks and added capabilities. I’m viewing all my messages in a split-second; what a treat. I’ll stick with this right up until it reply-mails someone 99 times…


The only one and standalone – is ProfiMail. I use it for 3 years by now. This is the one thing that really works. All the rest like K9, and other derivatives, EnhancedEmail, Kaiten, Maildroid, Corp.Mail etc – sorry – are good for nothing. I purchased all paid clients to test them and to chose, and as it appears – to delete all of them. Truly, since the times of old Symbian – Profimail is the easiest, quickest and reliable. I have 7 mailboxes all with different IMAP etc all is working perfect, which I cannot say about all the rest. I have overall around 27000 mails totally in all mailboxes and can browse throught all of them in no time. Try do do it with some other email client – none pf them is capable of what Profimail is doing in a very easy and simple way.


An irritating email client which after reading about it here & elsewhere I will be deleting.
Primary annoyance is the lack of a proper address lookup facility.
It also has peculiar labeling for some functions making them confusing.

But fix the lack of a proper address lookup & I would reconsider using it.

Until then MailDroid is the way to go in preference to K-9


Just tied the ProfiMail looks nice a bit confusing but no support for Hebrew all Hebrew text is dsplaed the wrong way and they want 25$ to unlock the trial version which is good for 30 days. I whould consider using it if the Hebrew problem will be fixed. Works very fast though.

John Smith

Yeah, if only it had Hebrew. What was the developer thinking? *sarcasm*

Michel ten Voorde

Yeah, absolutely rediculous, considering the whole world’s first language is English!

Oh wait…


K-9 is ugly as crap, it looks like it was designed 10 years ago. I am still searching for an Android mail client that is worth a damn, instead of having to have a separate Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail app just to get my freaking mail. This is one place where iOS is a big winner, their mail app handled all 3 three of my email accounts without issue, and did it well.


yeah what a joke! You think android would have an email client that actually freakin worked for all mail. My Samsung galaxy 2s mail client just sh*t the bed and would do imap. Now i have to have 2 separate mail clients up… ridiculous.


The best mail app is Aquamail, also support Hebrew which , no meter what is the most spoken language in the world, should supported as well as other languages.

Stop looking , try it!!


I was having problems with K9 and Maildroid.

I just started using Aqua Mail a few days ago and its been working great. I’ve had none of the issues I’ve had with others, It’s fast and the author replies to suggestions and has a lot planned for it.

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