Phone Apps You Can Earn Money With

By Steve McFarlane

There seems to be no end to the number of apps you can use to waste time, while these are great for passing time, when you genuinely have nothing to do, we think that consumers will welcome solutions that allow them to spend their time more productively. We came across some apps that pay anywhere from $5 to a few hundred dollars to complete some simple tasks that we think you would like to know about.


With Gigwalk you can join a mobile workforce and get paid for completing commissioned jobs. This app uses geo-positioning to find jobs nearby that you can claim and complete. For example, you may find a job that requires you to verify that a one-way sign is present at a specific intersection or you may be required to confirm that a roadblock actually exist. A typical job will pay $5, but you can qualify for higher paying gigs the more high quality work you submit – you get paid via PayPal.


This one pays you in reward points that are redeemable for gift cards, airline points and gadgets. You earn points by using CheckPoints to scan the barcodes of featured products that are on offer in 1,000,000+ stores. When you’re not in a store check out the “Anywhere” section to find opportunities to earn extra. You can redeem your points for Gift Cards, donations to charity, Delta and Alaska airline miles and gadgets.

See the app in action:


You can earn point for checking into an establishment or completing a task. Find a checkin for a local business by doing a keyword search or use the app to look for opportunities that are close to your current location. A typical check-in asks you to visit a store; make a purchase; take a picture of yourself with the product and submit it to WeRewards; storeowners use this service to drive traffic to their stores and reward customers for visiting their establishment.  You can also earn 10% off the verified earnings of others by referring friends to use the service. You can claim your points via a PayPal account.

See the app in action:

Field agent

Get paid to complete surveys, verify information, take photos etc. The app connects people who want information with those who can provide that information. A typical job asks the agent to verify the price of an item in a competitor’s store; you may be asked to take a photo of the item and send it through the app – not a bad gig if you are already planning to go to the store.

See Field Agent in action:

We have to conclude that getting yourself in the frame of mind to collect a mere $5 for a job that will cost you valuable time to complete is not the mentality of would-be-millionaires. While you are unlikely to make your next million using these apps, we recognize that it is cool that consumers can get paid to complete tasks they need to do anyway.

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