Mobile Trading App Review: Trade Interceptor Mobile App

By Steve McFarlane

Successfully trading the forex market requires that you have the right attitude, trading skills, discipline and of course, the right tools. A powerful Android forex trading tool is the Trade Interceptor Mobile app.

Trade Interceptor Forex Mobile is a multi-broker and multi-feature trading app that facilitates Forex and CFD trading. The app, and the platform it runs on, is offered to traders free of charge and allows them to manage their trading accounts whether they have it at one, or several brokers.

This Android forex app is the mobile version of the Trade Interceptor desktop application, which means that each trade can be executed from the app and then managed from the desktop application, or visa versa.

It provides streaming quotes & charts, price alerts, technical analysis tools and also facilitates trading from the charts.

Live Quotes and Streaming Charts
Owing to the fact that the app was built on Push technology there is no need to refresh the app to get real-time quotes or charting data, that is done automatically.

The app allows the trader to receive real-time FX price quotes and streaming charts from some of the top FX brokers, as well as execute live trades on their respective accounts.

You can trade from both the quote grid and the charts.  The mobile app also includes technical analysis indicators, graphical tools and exclusive analytical tools such as TRENDRISK™.

Once trades are entered on the app they will be synchronized, in real-time, with the free Trade Interceptor desktop application, which can be accessed with the same user name and password that is used for the mobile app.

For example, the trader can set up alarms on desktop application and receive alerts on their Android device, and vice-versa, even if they aren’t logged in on the app.

Support for Multiple Brokers and Accounts

Owing to the fact that the app is built on a multi-broker system, it is possible to manage various trading accounts from multiple brokers as well as do live trading from those accounts. Supported brokers include:

  • FXCM
  • GFT
  • ACM
  • Dukascopy
  • MB Trading
  • FXSolutions

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