FX Trading Tools – List of the Top Android Forex Trading Apps

By Steve McFarlane

The forex market is a 24hour system that only takes a break on the weekend. As any experienced traders knows, great trading opportunities can occur at anytime throughout the day, and many when you are not at your trading desk.

Traders have long sought solutions that can allow them to trade, or at least see what is happening, from a mobile device so they don’t have to be slaves to their trading computers. Here is a list of the top Android forex mobile trading apps.

MT4 RemoteAndroid Metatrader 4 mobile - Forex rates app Android

MT4 Remote is a Metatrader 4 mobile solution for Android phones.  With this app you can trade forex for free using an Android phone. MT4 Remote can be used to view forex rates, charts and send and modify orders. QR Code

MobiTradeOne Android Trading App

You will need to have an account with Forex.com to use the full feature set of this app. To test things out you can sign-up for a 15-day trial just to make sure the service is right for you. Some features that you can expect to get with this app include:Forex.com Android App - Android app forex

  • One-click access to all order types
  • Real-time rates
  • Chart intervals from 1-minute to 1-month
  • Candlestick, line and bar charts
  • Forex economic calendar
  • A wide range of technical indicators including: Pivot Points, Fibonacci, Simple Moving Average (SMA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Weighted Moving Average (WMA), Parabolic SAR, Bollinger bands, MACD, Commodity Channel index (CCI), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Momentum and Williams %R;
  • Display up to 8 indicators at the same chart.

QR code.

Trade Interceptor Forex MobileTrade Interceptor - Forex Android App

This is a multi-broker application for trading on mobile phones. The app is absolutely free and allows the trader to see what is going in the market at anytime and from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  The app has real-time quotes and a live chart feed so you can see a graphical representation of what is happening in the market.  Unfortunately, the app doesn’t currently allow live trading.  QR Code

Forex NewsAndroid Forex News App

This is a great way of getting all the latest forex news that can affect your FX trading. The app gives updates on pairs such as the EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD and CAD to name a few. Despite the fact that the app is free you will still get news feeds from credible sources such as Reuters.  QR Code

Oanda FXTrade for Android

Oanda Forex Trading App - Android

For now, this is as good as Android FX trading applications get. The app is supported by one of the best forex brokers, which means that you will have access to tight spreads, a long list of currency pairs (up to 54) and excellent customer support.  FxTrade for Androids smart phones can be used to enter trades using market or limit order, stop losses, trailing stops as well as modify these orders as seen fit.  QR Code

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Forex.com Android App – Android app forex

Trade Interceptor – Forex Android App

Android Forex News App

Android Metatrader 4 mobile – Forex rates app Android

Marketindex – Android FX Trading – Commodity – Derivatives App

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Just wanted to add Forex-Metal Droid Trader app as a great tool for mobile trading.


also very good is Forex Calendar Notifier – it’s home screen widget, which shows actual data, revised forecasts, allow to set notifications, etc…

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