Finance Apps for College Students

By Steve McFarlane

Believe it or not, you can use your Android for more than just playing Angry Birds. There is a plethora of financial apps that tech savvy college students can use to keep a budget, balance a checkbook, keep track of their financial aid, and even do taxes. Since most college kids are strapped for cash and more likely to hesitate paying for an app, the apps mentioned here are all free.

If you’re a Bank of America customer you can download their Mobile Banking app and use it to pay bills, transfer funds and check your account balance. There’s even a neat little feature that allows you to find the closest banking centers and ATM using your phone’s GPS.

A newer app that’s gotten some positive reviews is Easy Envelope Budget Aid. The free version of the app allows for up to 10 regular budgeting envelopes as well as 10 annual envelopes. This app is great for the student who is paying for his/her schooling with financial aid and needs to keep track of every penny.

Pageonce, like Easy Budget Aid, helps you to keep a budget and track expenses, which will be great to have once you start paying to file taxes. However, Pageonce is more comprehensive in its feature-set and allows you to keep track of your credit cards, bank statements, investment accounts and can even be used to track your frequent flier miles as well as your mobile minutes and data plan. The app has over a million downloads and a nearly perfect review record.

Anyone living on a limited budget should be using Expense Manager. This app allows you track your expenses by week, month, and year; allows you to schedule payments; alerts you when payment is due and also allows you to keep multiple accounts. It also features a cloud and SD Card back up.

The Square app allows you take credit card payments on your phone. Once you download Square they will send you a free credit card reader in the mail. If you want to sell something to a friend that doesn’t have cash on them you can use Square and have them pay you with their debit or credit card. The app can come in really handy at garage sales as well.

In this economy anybody could use a little help with their finances. These apps should help you take control of your finances and give you a head start before joining the work force.

Charles Wood is a content writer hailing from North Carolina. He spends his free time preparing for the zombie apocalypse, being rude by playing silly games on his Android during dinner, and forgetting to look both ways before crossing the street.

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