Android Mileage Tracker and Vehicle Fuel Usage Apps

By Steve McFarlane

There is not doubt that the price of gasoline is on a perpetual upward trend; it has been so for the last couple of years. And with the rise of the Chinese auto market and a dwindling number of new oil wells being found, that upward trend seems set to continue. While there is a new push to produce more fuel-efficient cars, consumers must do what they can to curb their fuel usage.  Here are some of the best apps to help motorist record, report and analyze their driving habits as well as save at the fuel pump.

Mileage Tracker

This is a great solution for tracking mileage, fuel costs and related expenses. Mileage tracker has an option for using the IRS’s Standard Mileage Rates as a default reimbursement rate, so it can be used to track numbers that are relevant come tax time. The app can also track Mileage Tracker - Android Mileage Appmultiple vehicles, has an export to email feature and can chart a monthly mileage summary.

This app has enough of the features that are necessary to maintain good mileage tracking that we consider this to be one of the best mileage tracking apps on the market. It is especially useful for use by those who need to track the miles they travel for business miles tax deduction and client billing purposes. Other notable features include: a mileage log, start stop odometer, mile/kilo units and options to record toll charges. The app costs $1.99. QR code.

MileageMileage - Android Mileage GPS

Use this app to track your miles, gas usage history and calculate a host of statistics including the average, high and low fuel economy, distance between fill-ups, fuel prices and fill up cost.  The app could use a refill button and larger fonts, but the history, and charts features coupled with the fact that it calculates and reports many useful mileage statistics are features that make the app relatively popular.  You can download the app using this QR code.

My Cars

Track mileage and fuel related data for multiple cars or bikes with this app. The app has a neat reporting feature that makes it possible to determine which vehicle is the most efficient; how many refills were done, what was My Cars - Track Your Miles Android Fleet Appthe cost of those refills, and the total miles that were covered. The app can also:

  • Keep maintenance records
  • Be used to raise reminders (i.e. scheduled maintenance)
  • Export reports in CSV and XML file formats
  • Record data for dual and bi-fuel vehicles, such as those that run on E85, LPG and CNG.

My Cars is free and can be installed using this QR code.

Trip MasterTrip Master  - Business Miles Tax Deduction

Here is a GPS mileage tracker that is suitable for business use. Use this app to record how many business miles you have traveled and export the data (via email) for expense reporting, and tax purposes.  The app would be better if it could record distance in metric and had support for different currencies, but it still does a fair job at recording the essentials. Some users complain that the GPS isn’t reliable, but that may be an issue related to specific phones. In any case the app is free to install and use. QR code.


From radical fuel conservation strategies, such converting your car to electric and installing a HHO Booster, to more traditional methods such as reducing how many miles your drive and how you drive, there is a long list of ways to reduce the amount you spend on fuel.  In any case, a good place to start is to determine just how much fuel your vehicles are currently using, to identify where you can save, and for that purpose these mileage trackers are adequate for the task.

Image Credits: Each image is the property of the respective app developer

  • Trip Master  – Business Miles Tax Deduction
  • My Cars – Track Your Miles Android Fleet App
  • Mileage – Android Mileage GPS
  • Mileage Tracker – Android Mileage App
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I am very intrested with the application and need more information.

As to dose it work all over the world?
dose it have GPS/Trucking system of a specific vehaicle

Bill Gasperson

How do I get this ap for android?


You could also give Copernicus Mileage Tracker a try:




“dwindling number of new oil wells being found”… While I’m all for getting more mileage for the fuel we purchase this notion that there is a dwindling amount of oil wells flies in the face of reality. I work out in the oil field and can tell you that new wells and exploration are at an all time high. There is plenty to be found and more being found daily. Don’t let fear mongering rob you of your good sense but in the meantime do be wise and get the best bang for your petrol expenses.

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