Android Credit Card Processing Apps – Four of the Best

By Shannon Martin

All businesses, large and small, will need to decide if the growing demand for mobile cell phone credit card processing will increase profits for their company. M-commerce is a swiftly growing industry with some forecasts projecting that it will reach a trillion dollars by 2020. Mobile device companies and application software continue to evolve and are more affordable now than ever before. If you have an Android phone, you are already halfway to accepting mobile payments. Here are four of the best Android apps for accepting credit cards.

Mobile Merchant Pro

This Android app is free and simple to use. It does have limited gateway support; however it shares compatibility with two of the most popular gateways, PayPal, Website Payments Pro and Authorize.Net. All you have to do is type in the credit or debit card information and click on the Charge Now button. The app itself is free and there is no additional transaction fees charged by Mobile Merchant, however there will be gateway fees charged every time a card is processed.

Intuit GoPayment

GoPayment allows you to accept checks, credit cards and debit cards through your Android phone. The collected funds go directly into your merchant or bank account by simply entering in the customer’s payment information and clicking the charge button. Also, as an added bonus, this free app can grow with your company by allowing up to fifty employees on one GoPayment account.

You will need to set up a merchant services account in order to access Intuit GoPayment, but those are relatively easy to set up and can be more cost-effective for businesses that will be accepting a large number of mobile payments. The GoPayment version for Android is not compatible with the card reader attachment, so all information will need to be entered manually at this point in time.


Square for Android allows you to not only accept credit cards but cash as well through your mobile device. There are no hidden charges, monthly fees or contracts required. Square earned its name from the white plastic hexahedron that attaches to the Android phone or mobile device. This device is actually a card reader, used to swipe a credit or debit card which then sends the information through your phone to a cell phone credit card processing service.

The Square app contains an encryption shield, which secures the customer’s details and sends a digital text or receipt to the customer’s phone or e-mail depending on their preference. Square can be used with or without the attachment. If you prefer not to use the card reader, all information can be entered manually.


ROAMpay is an app through QuickPay Merchant Services. It works in conjunction with a credit card reader provided by the service and allows for the widest choice of gateway services. Not only does this app allow you to accept credit cards through swiping the card or manually typing in the information, but it also allows you to do offline sales if you are in an area that is out of range for your mobile device.

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